Honda WR-V Crossover: One Star In Latina NCAP Crash Test

It’s truly miserable to see that the wellbeing norms in the auto business are unfathomably different relying upon the market and district. North America, Europe, and Asia have severe regulations characterizing what level of security another vehicle should give yet the circumstance is different in business sectors around Latin America and Africa, for instance. The most recent outcomes from the Latin NCAP test program show a model that is at present sold in the district scarcely giving negligible security in an occasion of an accident.

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Honda WR-V Crossover Fail In NCAP Crash Test

The New Vehicle Appraisal Program for Latin America and the Caribbean as of late assessed the Honda WR-V Crossover, a subcompact hybrid delivered in Brazil. The little five-seat vehicle comes as standard with two front facing airbags and an electronic dependability framework, however this is by a long shot insufficient for it to acquire than only one star in the accident test. Furthermore, this horrendous rating doesn’t come exclusively because of its standard gear, yet in addition because of its horrendous security in an occasion of an accident.


The Latin NCAP tried the WR-V in a front facing influence, side effect, whiplash, and passerby security. The best outcome it got was simply 58.82 percent in common security, while grown-up tenant assurance and weak street clients security were in the 40% territory. That as well as the Latin NCAP brings up that the safety belts of the hybrid don’t meet the association’s prerequisites, while the absence of side shade airbags implies the security in a side effect crash is negligible.

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Volkswagen Nivus: 5 Star In NCAP Crash Test

The Latin NCAP likewise tried the Volkswagen Nivus and the German hybrid got the most noteworthy five-star rating from the security association. The standard security hardware of the Brazil-made Nivus incorporates six airbags and ESC, while somewhere around 50% of the clients likewise pick the independent crisis stopping mechanism. The Latin NCAP says generally tried security frameworks performed well during the test.

Volkswagen Nivus NCAP
Volkswagen Nivus NCAP

“Buyers ought to be satisfied to find more famous models arriving at 5 stars,” Latin NCAP’s secretary general, Alejandor Furas, remarks. “It shocks Latin NCAP to find such contrasts between the Nivus and WR-V, which are rivals in a similar fragment, as the Honda just scored one star chiefly because of absence of wellbeing hardware. Latin NCAP unequivocally urges Honda to further develop the WR-V and before long bring again five star models to the locale as the last time it happened was back in 2015”

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