Texas GigaFactory Celebrates 10,000th Tesla Model Y

Tesla took over Twitter and shared a photo from the Tesla Gigafactory in Texas, celebrating the 10,000th Tesla. The Texas Gigafactory celebrated the 10,000th Tesla Model Y produced in the EV plant as a milestone. The Model Y went into production in April 2022 and in almost five months Tesla made 10,000 Model Y.


Tesla increased the production of Model Y to 1,000/week in Texas and has installed the manufacturing capability to 250,000 cars per year. It will help increase the weekly production to 5,000 units per week from the current 1,000 weekly. The carmaker needs new 4680-type battery cells for battery packs to ramp up the current production. Earlier this year, Tesla started producing Model Y with 2170-type cells with both produced in parallel. Now We just have to see how these new battery cells affect to ramp up and increase the car’s production.


Germany’s Giga Berlin-Brandenburg plant is also ramping up production with 1,000 Tesla Model Y per week. To compare, the Giga Shanghai plant makes 1 million units in August (Model 3, Y). The Fremont Factory crossed 2 million units in August (Model S, Model X, Model 3 & Model Y). In total, Tesla has expanded its capacity to 1.9 million cars per year since June.


According to the latest projections, the EV giant plans to make and sell more than 350,000 EVs globally in Q3. Tesla will launch the Tesla Semi expected to come out before the end of 2022. We are uncertain as do where the company will produce the upcoming Tesla truck. The Texas Gigafactory will allegedly produce the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck which is coming in 2023.

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