Honey Rose Car Collection And Net Worth

These are some of the coolest cars popular actress Honey Rose Varghese has in his luxury car collection

Honey Rose Varghese is a popular Indian actress, model, and television personality, who predominantly works in Malayalam films and television shows. She made her film debut with the 2005 Malayalam film Boyyfriend, though her breakthrough came with the 2009 film Dhoondte Reh Jaaoge. She has appeared in many successful films such as Trivandrum Lodge (2012), Ordinary (2012), Ithihasa (2014), Kanal (2015), and Monsoon Mangoes (2016). Varghese has also participated in several television shows. Honey Rose is among the most influential figures in the space and has a net worth of over Rs. 25 Crore. Let’s look at what cool cars actress Honey Rose has in her luxury car collection.

Jaguar F-Type – Rs. 1.43 Crore
Toyota Fortuner – Rs. 42.32 Lakh

1. Jaguar F-Type – Rs. 1.43 Crore

Honey Rose Car Collection And Net Worth
Source: Car and Drive

Beginning the list with the Jaguar F-Type in the Honey Rose car collection. The F-Type has always been a head-turning sports car in the industry, delivering both elegance and power. The sportscar offers sculpted lines, a sleek design, and a roaring engine making it a true predator on the road. The F-Type packs a variety of engine options from a turbo-four to a supercharged V8 delivering a hellish 650 horsepower. From its curvy exterior to its high-end luxury cockpit, the F-Type sportscars offer a striking presence.

2. Toyota Fortuner – Rs. 42.32 Lakh

Honey Rose Car Collection And Net Worth
Source: Toyota

The Toyota Fortuner is a popular SUV known for its ruggedness, reliability, and off-road capabilities. It comes with a 2.8-liter turbo-diesel and offers incredible torque and towing capacity. The SUV offers standard four-wheel drive and is built to last on any terrain. Step inside and you’ll find a cabin that is made to last for decades, offering a blend of timeless design with modern tech. The Toyota Fortuner sits at the top spot of the lineup offering incredible reliability and unmatched power.

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