Kevin David Lehmann Car Collection And Net Worth

These are some of the most posh cars billionaire Kevin David Lehmann has in his lavish car collection

Kevin David Lehmann is a German heir and the world’s youngest billionaire. His father, Guenther Lehmann, shared a significant stake in the drugstore chain dm-drogerie Markt with him in 2019, making him a billionaire at the age of 18. The Lehmann family’s wealth emanated from the drugstore business and has been a prominent figure in the German business world. Kevin’s sudden inclusion in the list of billionaires drew attention to the dynamics of wealth transfer and generational fortune management. Kevin is among the world’s most influential figures in the world of medicine and technology and has a net worth of over $2.6 billion. Let’s look at what cool cars billionaire Kevin David Lehmann has in his luxury car collection.

Bentley Flying Spur Mulliner W12$327,850
Mercedes-Maybach S-Class$230,050
Porsche 911 Turbo S$226,550

1. Bentley Flying Spur Mulliner W12 – $327,850

Source; Bentley

Beginning the list with the Bentley Flying Spur Mulliner W12 in the car collection of Kevin David Lehmann. The Flying Spur Mulliner is the ultimate expression of luxury and performance in a four-door sedan. It packs a roaring 6.0-litre W12 engine that produces 626 horsepower. And can rocket from 0 to 60 mph in a mere 3.8 seconds. The Flying Spur’s sculpted lines and opulent interior ooze British craftsmanship. With hand-stitched leather, exquisite wood veneers, and bespoke Mulliner details. From State-of-the-art technology to its traditional luxury, the Bentley Flying Spur offers a truly unparalleled driving experience.

2. Mercedes-Maybach S-Class – $230,050

Source: Mercedes-Maybach

The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class redefines opulence with its expansive rear legroom, first-class amenities, and cutting-edge technology. The Maybach’s spacious cabin offers ample legroom for rear passengers to stretch out and relax. While the panoramic sunroof bathes the interior in natural light. The Maybach S-Class delivers unmatched performance with its V8 to V12 engine choices with a hybrid tech delivering a smooth and luxurious ride. From its new MBUX system to Burmester sound system, the S-Class provides a status of success making it among the most luxury executive sedans to have.

3. Porsche 911 Turbo S – $226,550

Source; Porsche

The Porsche 911 Turbo S is the pinnacle of the legendary 911 line, puffing a breathtaking balance of performance, luxury, and iconic design. Its beating heart is a 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged flat-six engine unleashing a ferocious 640 horsepower, pushing it from 0 to 60 mph in a mind-bending 2.5 seconds. The car’s all-wheel drive and advanced chassis engineering ensure exceptional handling and stability, while the sleek aerodynamic body cuts through the air with effortless grace. Inside, the cabin is a haven of luxurious comfort and features premium materials, cutting-edge technology, and a driver-focused cockpit.

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