How To Import Ford Endeavour In India | Cost To Import Endeavour

How To Import Ford Endeavour In India ?

So, If you want to import New Ford Endeavour in India after company shut down, this is how you can do it and get your hands on 2022 Ford Endeavour.

When Ford announced their exit from India, they made the Ford fanbase very sad. The recently debuted latest-gen Ford Everest (known as the new Ford Endeavour in India) has created quite a hype among the Indian auto enthusiasts but unfortunately, Ford enthusiasts will no longer be able to ‘aspire’ to own the new SUV because the American automaker’s local subsidiary has halted its retail operations.

Many people pondered if the new SUV can be imported and have it as a rare vehicle in their garage. And a YouTube video reveals how the latest SUV can be brought to India.

Thankfully, the new Ford Endeavour satisfies all of the conditions and can be lawfully imported into the nation. Here are the terms and conditions.


Ford Endeavour
Ford Everest

Procedure To Import 2022 Ford Endeavour ?

The Vehicle Must Have Been Manufactured and Developed Overseas. The first requirement is that the vehicle must have been manufactured and developed in a foreign land. Of course, as an international model, the Ford Everest meets this condition.

The Vehicle Can Be Imported Only From The Country Where It is Manufactured. As this is self-explanatory, you can only import a vehicle from the country where it is manufactured. Which means you can’t import a vehicle from a country to which it was imported from some other country. Right now, the new Endeavour is being produced only in South Africa, UAE and Australia.

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It Should be Right-Hand-Drive – As India is a RHD market, even the car that has to be imported should have a RHD layout. From the above three countries, only South Africa follows this pattern thus the SUV can be imported from here.

Ford Endeavour
Ford Everest

The Vehicle Must be Brand New and Should Not Have Been Rented, Leased or Used – The next requirement is that the vehicle should be in a brand new condition and should be shipped immediately after it rolls out of a manufacturing unit. Of course, it’s pretty easy to satisfy this condition.

It may only legally enter India through three naval docks: Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai. If you live in a city near these docks, it becomes much more convenient.

The Speedometer Should be Calibrated in KMPH- Luckily, vehicles in South Africa have their speedos calibrated in Kilometers Per Hour and not Miles Per Hour, which means the new-gen Endeavour satisfies yet another condition to be eligible for import to our country.

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The Headlights Must Ensure Proper Illumination– Thanks to the new Ford Endeavour that have a bright pair of headlamps that are sure to offer great illumination.

Engine, Transmission, Top Speed & 0-60 mph

This amazing 2022 Ford Endeavour is power by 2.0-liters BT Inline 4-Cylinder engine. This powerful motor can produce power up to 210-horsepower and 500 NM of Torque. 2.0-liter engine is further connected with 10-Speed Automatic transmission & 4WD Drivetrain. This beast can go from 0-100 in 7.1 Seconds and have a top speed of 185 KMPH which is pretty insane.

Price To Import New Ford Endeavour

Ford Endeavour
Ford Everest

So, basically the new Ford Endeavour satisfies all of the standards that need be met in order to be qualified for importation. But there’s a catch — there’s a price to pay. The top-spec Endeavour costs around Rs 35 lakh (ex-showroom) in South Africa, which means a total of Rs 70 lakh would be required due to the 100% import levied on automobiles costing more than $40,000. In addition, the cost of three-year insurance and freight. All of this would cost around Rs 90 lakh (approximately), which is almost the same as buying two Toyota Fortuner SUVs. It’ll be fascinating to see if the new-generation Ford Endeavour is still desirable at such a price point.

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