Ice Cube Car Collection 2023 And Net Worth

American Rapper Ice Cube Car Collection

Ice Cube Car collection is load with some of the insane vehicle which includes some ultra-luxury, vintage and supercars. O’Shea Jackson Sr. AKA Ice Cube is a 52 years old Rapper, Song writer, Actor and Producer. He is specially for hip hop music and rapping. Cube is amazingly successful and famous worldwide with around 24 Million followers on Instagram. If you talk about the worth of Ice Cube then it will surprise you. Estimated Net Worth of Rapper Ice Cube is around $180 Million Dollars which is insane. So let’s have a look at the car collection of famous American Rapper Ice Cube.

Rolls Royce Ghost$335,000
Lamborghini Huracan EVO$206,485
Mercedes G63 AMG$156,000
Jaguar XJL$101,000
Cadillac Escalade$98,000
Audi RS7$118,500
Aston Martin DB11$242,086
Chrysler 300$42,155
Bentley Flying Spur$120,000
Range Rover SV Auto$220,000
Ice Cube Cars

1. Rolls Royce Ghost

Starting from the luxurious vehicle in Ice Cube car collection. Rolls Royce Ghost is power by 5.7-liters Twin-Turbo V12 engine which generates power up to 557 horsepower and 750 NM of Torque. Ghost can go from 0-60 mph in just 5.2 seconds which is truly insane for a heavy sedan like this. This Rolls Royce come with a price tag of $335,000 USD.

2. Lamborghini Huracan EVO

Ice Cube have this insane superfast supercar Lamborghini Huracan. EVO is the latest variant of Huracan. This Lamborghini gets powerful 5.2-liters Naturally Aspirated V10 engine which develop power up to 631-Horsepower and 601 NM of Torque at 8000 RPM. Huracan is one of the most amazing and best selling supercar by Lamborghini. This comes with a price tag of $206,000 USD which is a great price for it.

3. Mercedes G63 AMG

When you talk about the combination of strong plus performance SUV then only one name will come to your mind which is Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG. G63 is one of the most loved SUV in world. This vehicle is own by almost every star or businessperson. G-Wagon G63 comes with a powerful 4.0-liters Bi-Turbo V8 engine which gives output of 550 horsepower and 850 NM of Torque.

4. Jaguar XJL

Now let’s have a look at the long wheelbase sedan. Jaguar XJL is all about luxury and comfort but deduction of performance. This could be more powerful. Ice Cube own this in customized blue color which looks really insane. It has a 3.0-liters Turbo V6 engine which makes power up to 285-horsepower which is like underpower vehicle for this much price.

5. Cadillac Escalade

This American SUV is in almost every United States Celeb or Businessman’s garage. Cadillac Escalade is a true American SUV with amazing performance and luxury at the same time. This beast comes with a price tag of $98,000 which is a nice price for a vehicle like this.

6. Audi RS7

RS7 is the superfast luxury sedan by Audi which is best at performance, wild looks and comfort at the same time. Audi RS7 is power by 4.0-litrs Twin-Turbocharged V8 Quattro engine which develop power up to 591-Horsepower and 800 NM of Torque. Ice Cube is spotted several time driving this insane machine.

7. Aston Martin DB11 Convertible

DB11 Convertible is a special vehicle and it become even more special once you get roadster. Ice Cube have one without roof or convertible in his garage. Aston martin is unique for their design and performance engine under the hood. This beast comes with a price tag of $240,000 USD which is best deal for this.

8. Chrysler 300

Another American machine in his garage is this Chrysler 300. This sedan is powerful and beautiful with insane 3.0-liters Turbocharged V6 engine under the hood and optional V8 engine. Chrysler 300 gets a price of $42,155 USD which is also nice price for this.

9. Bentley Flying Spur

One more ultra luxury sedan like Rolls-Royce is this. Ice Cube Car Collection become even more impressive by adding this ultra luxury vehicle. He own one in black color and spotted several times using this in United States. Bentley Flying Spur is power by 4.0-liters Twin-Turbocharge V8 engine. This also comes in one W12 engine which is in high-end variant.

10. Range Rover SV Autobiography

Range Rover SV Autobiography is a full side Range Rover also the most expensive production Range Rover. SV is mostly use by celebrities, business persons and other people with rich background. SV Autobiography is all about high performance and ultra-luxury environment. The SVA is power by 4999cc Supercharge eight-cylinder engine and this can give 557-HP. The Range Rover also comes in a long wheelbase variant which gives even more comfort with high leg room at the rear seats.

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