McLaren Solus GT: A Track Car With 5.2L V10 And 829 HP



Since 2013, several fantasy concept cars created by the automakers for the Gran Turismo video game series under the banner “Vision Gran Turismo“. These cars solely designed for the virtual world, allowing the designers to build any piece they want without any limitation of budget or production process. Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo, the 2017 entry by McLaren was one of the best concept, and now McLaren were trying to make that a reality with the Solus GT, a V10 powered, single-seat track car.

The ultimatum design of Solus GT is very much similar to the Vision GT. Theatrical sliding canopy provides access to single seat, while body largely influenced by aerodynamics. The Solus sticked to the asphalt is due to the ground-effect tunnels running length of the car, fed by vents behind the front splitter. The front suspensions and wheels are wrapped in aerodynamic pods to improve airflow whereas a fixed rear wing help in sticking to the track. The whole car, made up of carbon-fiber monocoque, thanks to this the car weighs under 2,205 pounds and could produce more than 2,635 pounds of downforce.


  • McLaren Solus GT
  • Front View
  • Rear View
  • Side View
  • McLaren Solus GT - Top View

The power to this car comes from a naturally aspirated 5.2L V10, that pumps out more than 829 hp and 479 lb-feet of torque at a time, while revving over 10,000 rpm. Having such a powerful engine doesn’t mean a high top speed that’s why McLaren aiming for over 200 mph. While its 0-60 mph time could be under 2.5 seconds. That V10 motor fixed is unusual as most of McLaren contains twin-turbocharged V8 in every modern road car. Judd Power helped in the development side. The V10 takes air from an intake mounted on top of cockpit, and chiseled sidepods help to keep 5.2L unit cool.

The beast paired with a seven-speed sequential transmission featuring straight cur gears and multiple carbon-fiber clutch. The unequal-length control arm suspension features inboard torsion bar dampers, using pushrods up front and pullrods at the back. The Solus rides on 18-inch forged aluminium wheels packed in Le Mans-spec tires. Six-piston monoblock calipers and carbon brake discs and pads allows the stopping power with more accuracy, with brake bias also tunable by driver.


The interior contains a yoke-style steering wheel that looks like Lando Norris‘s F1 car steering. Pedal box could be adjusted via a remote system operated from driver’s seat. “Halo style” protects the cockpit. It is 3D printed from titanium and takes inspiration from “halo” device used by F1 to prevent head injuries.

McLaren Solus GT - Interior
via- McLaren

Along with seat fittings, owners will get an FIA race suit, with helmet, HANS head restraint, and radio-enabled ear inserts, as well as access to the drive development coaching program. The British manufacturer is planning to organize track events for Solus owners, and each car will feature a flight case including tools, vehicle jacks, radio sets and more.

McLaren claims that Solus will achieve the fastest lap times by any McLaren considering their single seater race cars. Only 25 units of these will come in production and all of them are already sold out. Solus GT is still under the track testing, so deliveries will most probably start in 2023.

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