Mini Has Paused Production Of Cars With Manual Gearbox

With the British automaker developing its next-generation vehicles. Mini has paused the production of the car with a manual gearbox. 


The production of the outgoing generations is still going on. Mini is working on its cars like Countryman crossover, etc. Mini has also been struck by the ongoing supply chain shortage, affecting dozens of carmakers. And the supply chain issues have forced the British automaker to halt the production of vehicles with a manual gearbox. It will simplify the lineup for the remaining months on the assembly line.

 Mini wants to ensure product stability instead of quantity. They want to meet the current growing demand for the product. It seems Mini has taken these decisions for the global markets, not only the U.K market alone. The company has not confirmed whether the move is temporary until the chip shortage ends or if it’s permanent. 

  • mini-cooper-three-door-hatch
  • mini-cooper-countryman-crossover

“Current circumstances, including the war in Ukraine and semiconductor shortages, are causing supply chain restrictions across the global automotive industry,” Mini said in an official statement. “In order to secure maximum production output to meet increasing customer demand, our product offer needs to be simplified. This solution is the most effective way to ensure production stability so that we can continue to supply all our customers with new Minis.”

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Now it will be intriguing to see whether Mini’s next-generation models will come with a manual gearbox or not. If the chip shortage continues till next year, the next-generation Mini cars will come with an automatic gearbox. Both the three-door hatch and the Countryman crossover will debut next year. And will go on sale before summer in 2023.

An all-electric version will also join the new models next year. So, it will be interesting to see how this plays along with the consumers and the company. 

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