Porsche And Audi To Enter Formula 1 In 2026: VW CEO

Porsche and Audi will power Formula 1 engines From 2026.


Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess confirmed that Porsche and Audi will enter Formula 1 by 2026

The rumours of Porsche and Audi joining the F1 sport have been running for a long time now. But, in an online livestream named “Dialog with Diess,” VW Group CEO Herbert Diess clarified the rumours. The Volkswagen Group will not be participating in the F1, instead, Porsche and Audi will be entering the Formula 1 competition separately by using their own names. They will not go as a part or under the VW group, the CEO confirmed that. As the FIA will be bringing major changes in the 2026 year, it is the best time and a perfect opportunity for the brands to enter the sport. 

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Both automotive brands are prioritising their dedication to the top-tier racing sport from 2026. By 2026, all F1 cars will run on fully sustainable synthetic fuel in their combustion engines. Diess also mentioned that it takes almost four years to develop an F1 engine, so the decision was made at a very tight time. He said the VW Group would have taken five to ten years if both the brands entered the competition with no major regulation changes. The new engine change from 2026 will ease their challenge and make the competition more in F1.

Some of you might be thinking why F1, and not another motorsport? Diess stated that the top tier competition is gaining a very wide crowd of audiences worldwide. And it has great potential in the United States as it gained huge exposure. While more and more people from Asia are also watching Formula 1.

According to recent rumours, Porsche will collaborate with Red Bull Racing after their partner, Honda leaves the sport. We are excited as to what to expect from both the brands in terms of engine performance and other improvements.

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