New Road-Legal KTM X-Bow GT-XR Debuts With Audi Power

KTM has launched the new X-Bow GT-XR for the people who want the same amount of thrill in a street-legal car. The GT-XR will serve as a road legal counterpart of the GT2 racing car. The new X-Bow GT-XR’s looks are inspired by the track-focused GT2 racer that looks like a promising Batmobile roof. The low-riding coupe shares the design philosophy of the original KTM X-Bow revealed in 2008. A sports coupe featuring a complete carbon-fiber monocoque chassis and aerodynamic elements.


Engine & Performance

The new KTM GT-XR features a 2.5-liter turbocharged inline-5 engine sourced from Audi. It delivers 493 hp (368 KW) and 429 lb-ft (581 Nm) of torque. The engine porduces more power compared to the Audi TT RS and RS3 that come with the same engine. The X-Bow GT-XR comes equipped with a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission sourced from Volkswagen and a rear-wheel drive. The X-Bow GT-XR’s curb weight is around 2,755 lbs. (1,250 Kg) with a large 96 liters fuel tank. The diesel fuel tank will be amazing for delivering over 621 miles of range.

The GT-XR with its beautiful design offers every bit of sportiness you want from the KTM X-Bow. It features electronically operated doors for smooth closing offered in expensive luxury cars. The car also packs a limited-slip differential for optimal power delivery and confident cornering on twisty roads. The X-Bow GT-XR can accelerate from 0-60 mph in under 3.4 seconds and offer a top speed of 174 mph which is impressive. KTM equips the X-Bow with a hydraulic lift system at the front axle to prevent damaging. The car rides on 19-inch wheels in front with 20-inch on the rear.

More Upgrades & Price:

The suspension is specially tuned with adjustable Sache dampers to adjust according to the road. KTM has distributed the weight with a 44:56 ratio and offers optional carbon ceramic brakes at no additional cost. The carbon-fiber body is hand-painted with cameras that work as side-mounted mirrors. The car will feature center-locked wheels, a catalytic converter, and a silencer with stainless steel exhausts. The new X-Bow will be built in Graz, Austria with an annual capacity of 100 units. The new KTM X-Bow GT-XR will cost over $282,133 (284,900 Euros)

Exterior & Interior

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  • 2023-ktm-x-bow-gt-xrwheels
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