The Lamborghini Aventador Successor Is Inspired By Spy Shots

Car renders are not a new thing in the auto industry, they have been around for quite a long time. The render images show what might be a future car could look like from the design perspective. It is the case with the Lamborghini Aventador successor as the brand launched its last of its kind Ultimae recently. DMC-made renders inspired from the recent spy shots that look absolutely bonkers. The design looks like a new-age adaptation inspired by the Lamborghini Sian.

The spy shot photos don’t say much about the car as it is heavily camouflaged being just a prototype model. We do hope to see an incredible-looking machine powered by the Lamborghini’s nerve-recking V12 engine. The Aventador’s successor will be more authentic and beautifully designed like the Aventador itself which came out a decade ago. The car would feature a newly developed and built V12 engine paired with a hybrid solution that will power the supercar. The upcoming supercar will come with a hybrid powertrain due to stricter emission laws all around the globe.



According to CEO Stephen Winkelmann, the upcoming Aventador substitute will share its mechanical specs with the Sian FKP 37. It features a hybrid powertrain, a naturally aspirated V12 engine that will power its heart (get ready for some good sounds). The Lamborghini Aventador successor will offer a fully carbon-fiber body with all-wheel drive and astonishing performance.


The V12-powered monster will set the bar for Lamborghini’s electrified projects coming soon with a hybrid powertrain. We know that the Huracan replacement will be a PHEV setup paired with either a V6 or a V8 engine. The Urus will come with a hybrid solution expected for the 2024 model with the fully electrified model coming in 2028.

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