Okinawa Dual 100 Price, Motor, Battery, Range, Top Speed & Features

Okinawa Dual 100 Specifications and Details

Okinawa Dual 100 is built in India from the ground up. Okinawa Autotech Private Limited, is a well-known brand in the field of electric two-wheelers. The firm, founded in 2015 with the goal of creating sustainable transportation solutions, has taken the industry by storm with its groundbreaking services.

Okinawa Dual 100 Power, Battery and Top Speed

The Dual 100, the perfect daily necessity pickup partner that is going to change the way we commute, is one such offering. This 100% Indian-made electric scooter has a strong 60V 52Ah battery with a range of more than 149km per charge. The EV scooter offers adequate performance for commuting.

Peak power3000 W
Top Speed60 kmph
Charging time5-6 hours
Battery3.12 kW Li-ion



It is the ideal combination of design, comfort, and utility, with a loading capacity of 150kg. The suspension is quite sturdy and can handle most pothole-ridden streets in India. The seating ergonomics are mostly upright with the handle bar tilted and shaped towards you for better reach.


The Okinawa Dual 100 is priced at ₹79,813.00, which is a good deal and the scooter is perfect for the Indian roads. There is a booking amount that you have to pay while booking your slot for the Dual 100. At this price point, the Dual 100 has a strong frame that can carry heavy loads and hence is very practical and useful.


The Okinawa Dual 100 is a purposefully built small capacity EV for commuting purposes. The scooter has enough performance for the streets and the range is impressive and hopefully consistent. The Dual 100 gets a 3 Yrs/30,000KMs motor warranty which is a very reassuring deal offered. You might have to wait for 4-6 months for the scooter to be at your doorstep, but you won’t regret the purchase.

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