Tork Kratos X Electric Motorcycle Price, Motor, Battery, Range & Top Speed

Tork Kratos X Specifications and Details

The Tork Kratos X, a revolutionary new electric motorbike from a Pune-based EV company, was unveiled at the Auto Expo 2023. This appears to be an updated version of the Kratos R, which was released in Indian markets the previous year.

Tork Kratos X Power, Range and Top speed

This electric bike is a swift machine. It has a decent torque and the bike accelerates quickly to 60kmph, but the power starts to fade off towards the top end. The batteries being in the lower part of the bike, the Kratos X feels stable and stuck to the ground. That is due to the lower center of gravity. The range Eco Mode of the Kratos is 120 kms which is good enough considering it has a small battery pack. Normal Mode will give you a range of about a 100 kms. The range in Sport Mode is decent with 70 km indicated on the dash.

Motor Power (w)9000
Max Range (eco mode)120 km/charge
Motor IP RatingIP67
0-40 Kmph (sec)3.5s
Top Speed105 kmph
Torque 38 Nm
Performance stats

Tork Kratos X Features


This electric bike features an improved 7-inch TFT touch-screen display. One advantage of this new display is that it allows the motorbike to operate fully keyless and can also be unlocked with a smartphone. Tork, together with the Kratos X, demonstrated the charging infrastructure for this electric motorbike. The 750-watt home mount charger can charge the motorcycle from 20% to 80% in around 4 hours. The charging period from 0 to 100% is roughly 6.5 hours, which is acceptable when compared to the alternatives to this bike. Tork also demonstrated the portable charger that they have been developing. Unfortunately, it has yet to be released, and no specific date has been set. Tork has also constructed a rapid charging infrastructure that can charge from 20% to 80% in just one hour.


Length1960 mm
Saddle Height785 mm
Ground Clearance165 mm
Wheelbase1336 mm
Weight140 kg


The Tork Kratos X may be thought of as a bridge between the latest features offered by certain scooter manufacturers and the standards of Electric Bikes. With its athletic style, this bike is likely to appeal more to the younger generation. This bike’s range and charge time make it an excellent pick if introduced at a reasonable price. It will be fascinating to observe how Tork Motors expands their charging infrastructure beyond Pune and into other towns and states.

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