Oman Based Club “One More Drive” Supported Al-Noor Blind People Society

Recently Popular Sports Car Club “One More Drive” Supported Al-Noor Blind People Society

As you know that One More Drive is the fastest growing sports car club based in Sultanate of Oman. They have over 100 sports cars in the club with really humble and sportive owners. All the members of the club help and support the society to live a fantastic life and achieve goals. Recently One More Drive organize a drive to Sohar, Oman to support Al-Noor Blind People Society, The Al Noor Association for the Blind represents interests of the blind in the country. Provide support services in areas of development, social and vocational hence enabling members to live normal life in the community. Sports car club One More Drive joined them 2 weeks back between 17-19 February 2023.

They give a humble support to the blind people over there. All of the members of the club had a lunch with those people and discuss a lot of important stuff for growth and development. Club members took beautiful gifts for them which was really impressive. As per the president of the club Mr. Salim Al Farsi, it was like a family gathering where they discuss things and further support for Al-Noor Blind People Society. All of the people in the group are so focus toward helping and supporting. This is the reason behind the great success of the sports car club One More Drive. The club carries an unique message and concept, which is integrating the Sports Car Club with the community and activating and exploiting the energies of youth in community service.

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