One More Drive Is The Ultimate Sports Car Club Based In Sultanate of Oman

Introduction To One More Drive, Oman

  • Motorsports in general and sports cars in particular are very popular all over the world. The Sultanate of Oman is developing and talking at an accelerated pace. Sports and hobbies related to motorsports and sports cars are widely spread in the Sultanate.
  • One More Drive Club is one of the Fastest Growing sport/supercar clubs in the region. The club provides An Unapparelled environment for members to participate in various activities.
  • The club is an Official Registered Member of the Oman Automobile Association. We are also an official registered member of the Emirates Motorsports Organization.
  • The club carries an unique message and concept, which is integrating the Sports Car Club with the community and activating and exploiting the energies of youth in community service.

Vision and Identity of The Club

The vision of the club is to become the largest sports car club in the Sultanate, popular and popular, and one of the largest sports car clubs in the Middle East, while building exceptional relationships with clubs in various countries. The club’s logo embodies the club’s affiliation with the Sultanate of Oman, and it also embodies the continuity and development in all activities and the enthusiasm and passion experienced by the members from one event to another.

The One More Drive Aims To

One More Drive organize activities of community interest, that would benefit the members. They create a suitable environment for the usage of sports cars in a fun, useful and safe way, by organizing authorized activities under the supervision of the club. OMD also educate members and the community about safe driving methods by using drives/events to
spread awareness messages. Serving local projects through gatherings, support and advertising are equally important for the sports car club. One can have direct contact with sports car enthusiasts through events, by providing a family-like atmosphere amongst the members, or by holding friendly competitions, enthusiastic competitions, and others, to gain a large fan base. They include the largest number of different sports car manufacturers to suit all tastes.

Past Seasons

  • The first and second seasons were full of many diverse and innovative activities that were
    well received by the members, the public and those interested in motorsports.
  • The activities varied between driving activities to the various States and Cities of Oman and
    the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.
  • There were also activities that included purely community services, such as relief
    campaigns, blood donation campaigns, campaigns to support and encourage reading, libraries, and a campaign to participate in orphans.
  • There were also activities to support and promote some institutions and the club also
    participated in the activities of the Oman Automobile Association and various car shows.
  • Al-Nada also responded to many invitations from government institutions, the governor’s
    office and some colleges in Muscat Governorate.

Remarkable Events of One More Drive

  1. The Ceremony Honoring Orphans held by the club in the state of Salalah in August 2022,
    remains one of the very wonderful events in the memory of the club, as the club achieved
    many noble goals through that event.
  2. The Autodrome circuit in Dubai was also well received by members, followers and the public.
  3. And let’s not forget the Al Jabal Al Akhdar event, which was marked by the participation of
    the local community in the club’s event, and there was a wonderful integration that was
    accepted and appreciated by all.
  4. Also, the relief campaign carried out by the club to contain the damages of Hurricane
    Shaheen was appreciated and thanked by everyone for its dedication, great work and effort

Developments of One More Drive, Oman

The One More Drive Club started with just 25 sports cars back in 2019 and officially registered in 2020 with the Oman Automobile Associations. The number of members reached about 50 till the end of 2021 and they are building a strong family. The club have really talented team of photographers, a curated media team with equipment, tools and publications. One More Drive has gained a lot of experience in organizing events and dealing with institutions. In 2022, the number of members reached more than 100 members which was a really insane achievement. After that the club was officially registered with the Emirates Motorsports Organization in United Arab Emirates. The club has an audience that engaging, organic and actively engaging that follow, attends and waits for our events, which is equally important and pretty awesome.

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