Polestar Synergy Concept Price, Motor, Battery, Range, Top Speed, 0-60 Mph & Features

Polestar Synergy Concept Specifications and Details

Unveiled at the Munich motor show, the Polestar Synergy concept represents a fusion of three winning designs from a design competition. This “fantasy supercar” embodies a blend of performance, cutting-edge technology, sustainability, and inspiration from the natural world. Its striking appearance resembles a real-life Hot Wheels car. It has garnered the attention of Mattel’s toy brand, which will partner with Polestar for the next year’s contest. They chose three winners out of 600 initial entrants, with two contributors from France working on the exterior design, and one from China leading the interior’s development.

Polestar Synergy Concept Design

Polestar Synergy Concept Specifications and Details
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The Synergy concept, born from Polestar’s design contest, emphasizes both performance and sustainability in its design. Winners collaborated with the Polestar design team for six months to finalize this Le Mans-inspired hypercar concept, measuring 1.07 meters in height and 4.65 meters in length. Its striking features include commanding wheel arches, a prominent front splitter, and a captivating rear lightbar. The design draws inspiration from a hammerhead shark, focusing on “emotional durability” and “technical upgradability.”


Polestar Synergy Concept Specifications and Details
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The Synergy concept boasts striking features like massive wheels placed at each corner and an attention-grabbing full-width light bar as its brake lights. Accessing its cockpit is a futuristic experience, with a glass canopy that flips forward, reminiscent of a fighter jet. Within this canopy, the single-seat is a regal perch for the driver, secured by Polestar’s signature gold seatbelts. Above, a virtual-reality visor provides additional information beyond the gauge cluster. This setup ensures exceptional forward visibility, enhancing the Synergy concept’s captivating design and futuristic appeal.


The Synergy concept offers drivers a comprehensive view of crucial vehicle information. In addition to the traditional gauges and steering yoke, colored displays on both sides of the cockpit allow drivers to monitor the battery’s temperature and state of charge. This design enhances visibility, with tall front fenders helping drivers locate the front tires through the glass canopy. The yoke-like steering wheel incorporates a unique touch with what appears to be a heartbeat monitor. A frameless gauge-cluster display showcases essential data such as the speedometer, G-force meter, and tire-pressure monitor. The Synergy’s striking profile includes a sloping roofline leading to a rear spoiler that connects the fenders. It also gets a black panel housing a third brake light and rear-facing cameras, labeled “360 Vision” in white lettering.


The Polestar Synergy concept represents a unique collaboration between aspiring designers and established professionals. This offers emerging talents significant exposure at the outset of their careers. The full-scale Synergy model, showcased at the 2023 Munich motor show, embodies performance, advanced technology, and sustainability, inspired by nature and innovation. While the Synergy itself won’t enter production, Polestar’s expanding lineup includes the recently unveiled Polestar 3 SUV and the earlier debut of the Polestar 5 GT at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed, highlighting the brand’s commitment to innovative and sustainable mobility. Polestar’s Head of Design, Maximillian Missoni, emphasized the importance of showcasing young designers through the Polestar Design Community on Instagram, further amplified by the 1:1 scale model’s planned global tour across Polestar locations.

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