Police Cars in UK are restricted from high speed pursuit after the engines fire

There has been a heated situation in the U.K, where police cars have been restricted to do high speed pursuits over fire issues.

It has come to notice that some BMW branded police cars in the U.K which run on the older N57 diesel engines have been restricted to use it stressfully as many series of engines caught fire. But BMW has clarified that the civilians who own these cars have nothing to worry about.

Europe is a country where fast police cars are just normal, it isn’t for the other side of the ocean here in America, but there, many police interceptors are made by the mainstream automakers and especially for the high speed chases, they are equipped with fast cars. And in the U.K for that matter you’ll often see BMW’s 3 Series, 5 Series, even the X3 and the X5‘s patrolling Britain’s motorway network.

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But in the past few days, some have been functioning not that well how they should, and are restricted to doing light duties, due to the recent engine fires of the BMWs that have N57 3.0 Litre six cylinder diesel engines inside them. And following that catastrophic outcome, many police forces like the Durham from northeast of England made the N57 powered cars to only be used for light use and not for high speed pursuits.

And made the use of Peugeots which come with a 1.2 Litre turbocharged engine for light use, for traffic cops and for interceptions as Britain’s police is not armed routinely while the word of dumping the N57 equipped car is already in order. While there has been an investigation going on for how and why that failure happened in the first place, and what led to it and what are the common factors that lead to that outcome as these incidents have happened in the last too, where many casualties have been made in the last couple of years.

Although BMW hasn’t confirmed the exact reason for the issue but has been cleared that it won’t affect the civilians who own these cars privately.


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