Punchy Cars at The Goodwood FOS 2022



Punchy Cars at The Goodwood FOS 2022 even had some fast EVS, off-roaders, racecars, and high-performance cars. At the recent annual Goodwood Festival Of Speed, there were a lot of unforgettable moments. The adrenaline-rushed event held an opportunity for fans to enjoy all sorts of cars. So, here’s a look at the supercars that were punchy and left the deepest mark, in terms of speed.

1. March BMW 782

Punchy Cars
Via: Ultimate Car Page

This 1978 BMW M12-engined F2 car is named March 782, which is driven by Ben Mitchell, celebrating the 50 years of BMW Motorsport. The looks might be deceiving as it is a classic under the hood, but the output was just modern. This open-wheeled racecar made its way up to the hill in just 45.64 seconds and grabbed the third position in the top 10 fastest cars of Goodwood Festival Of Speed, 2022.

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2. First Corner FC1X

Punchy Cars
Via: Race of Champions

The electric rallycross car is named First Corner FC1X and handles tight corners so easily, that it looks like the car was made for hill climbing. This bio-powered EV sports a four-motor, AWD system, producing an insane 1170 hp, and has a light weight of 2745 pounds helping it hit the hills in 47.94 seconds. The huge powerplant makes it hit 0-60 mph sprint in 1.4 seconds. The FC1X grabbed the 9th position in the top 10 fastest cars of Goodwood FOS.

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3. H24 Green GT

Punchy Cars
Via: Daily Sports Car

The H24 Green GT grabbed the 8th position and it is one of the five EVs that made it to the list. This mind-boggling car features a technology called electric hydrogen power, which made its debut this year. The car runs on renewable resources generating huge power that made it sprint up the hill in just only 47.52 seconds.

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