Rashed Belhasa Car Collection: Net Worth, Salary, Age & Girlfriend

Rashed Belhasa is the 20-year-old rich kid from Dubai. He is an entrepreneur, boxer, Youtuber, internet personality and son of UAE’s billionaire business tycoon. Being among the richest kids, Belhasa is an influencer and is known for his big social persona among his fans. We’re not sure who Rashed is currently dating or in a relationship with. Rashed (Money Kicks) has an estimated net worth of around $7 million. Let’s look at what cars Rashed Belhasa has got in his lavish car collection.

1. Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Custom


Rashed Belhasa has got a custom-wrapped Lamborghini Aventador SVJ in his expensive car collection. The Aventador SVJ is the angriest of the family and is the best choice for any kind of buyer. If you can burn that amount of cash and can get this engineering marvel, the Aventador won’t disappoint you. The SVJ will pleasure you with its outrageous madness of power and encourage you to drive to infinity. It features a powerful and last-of-its-kind 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine that pumps out an enormous 769 horsepower. The Aventador SVJ can accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 2.9 seconds and can reach a top speed of a crazy 217 mph. The Lamborghini Aventador SVJ with its enormous and thrilling performance makes it one of the best cars in Money Kick’s garage.

2. Rolls-Royce Ghost

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Belhasa has got a custom-wrapped Rolls-Royce Ghost, in his car collection. A prestigious luxury sedan that appeals to more practical and modern buyers. The Ghost doesn’t lack anything compared to its elder sibling other than a little less space. It features a magnificent design with a supreme level of richness carried inside the cabin. Under the hood, the Ghost offers a twin-turbocharged V12 that makes 563 horsepower. This car is a fine piece of machine with a true spirit of craftsmanship and a lot of extravaganzas.

3. Rolls-Royce Cullinan

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Being one of the richest kids in the country means you got to have the best car in your garage. With the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, the carmaker has offered the best of their craftsmanship packed into a high-riding practical design. The Cullinan offers a badge of prestige with unreal refinement you can get from any car on the market. The Rolls SUV offers a brilliantly designed exterior and super-comfortable seats with handstitched rich materials. The Cullinan offers a super-refined V12 that makes 563 hp which accounts for a buttery smooth drive. A brand that offers unimaginable luxury with its incredibly quiet cabin got to be in the Rashed Belhasa car collection.

4. Lamborghini Urus

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Belhasa also owns a Lamborghini Urus in his car collection. The Urus is a supercar that offers a mind-boggling performance, in a high-riding SUV shell. Lamborghini’s super SUV features a 4.0-Liter twin-turbo V8 under the hood that makes up to 657 horsepower and provides thrilling behavior on any surface. The Urus rockets like a bullet from 0-60 mph in just 3.4 seconds making it among the quickest SUVs on the planet. Combined with an adrenaline-rushed performance, and a sporty and racier interior, the Urus is perfectly built for an athlete like Rashed.

5. Rolls-Royce Wraith


Starting with the custom Rolls-Royce Wraith that Rashed Belhasa has got in his wonderful car collection. An ultimate coupe from the British automaker with its stunning-looking design and super-refined performance. The Rolls offers a 6.6-liter twin-turbocharged V12 engine that makes 624 horsepower and 605 pound-feet of torque. It results in a supreme and rich drive and a blistering acceleration from 0-60 mph in just 4.5 seconds.

6. Cadillac Escalade Custom


Rashed also owns a custom Cadillac Escalade in his car collection. The Cadillac Escalade with its huge chassis and aggressive looks broadcast its extroverted, red-blooded American take on luxury. All that is because the Caddy features the brand’s most advanced technology and most luxurious features. The Escalade offers a ton of driver-assistance features including the American Marque’s excellent Super Cruise system. The Escalade features offer up to 629 hp of power from its V8 under the hood making it among the best SUVs Belhasa owns.

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