Rivian Confirm Electric Bicycle: Check Price & Range

Rivian CEO confirms electric bicycle is coming in future

The U.S. is on the verge of electrifying its entire cars and phasing out gas-powered vehicles. In the recent years, especially after the pandemic, the demand forr electric bicycles have increased and so does their popularity around the globe. Driving electric bicycles are popular in other regions such as Asia and Europe. But in the States, people use e-bikes just as a fun outdoor activity rather than using them for mobility. The regulations regarding the use of e-bikes are more relaxed in the US compared to Europe. Thanks to the soaring demands, several competitors have entered the game.


Rivian is one such automaker which is known for making some of the most stunning electric pickups and powerful SUVs. The American automaker has shown its interest in entering the electric bicycle market. CEO RJ Scaringe announced in a company meeting on February 3 that the company has plans to make e-bikes in the future.



According to an article by Electrek, the company filed trademarks for electric bikes. It cleared the intentions of the brand to enter the electric bike segment in the future. The carmaker has hired high-level designers from Specialized to target the brand’s upcoming market.

However, it is not clear when the company will be introducing its electric bicycle. According to rumors, the upcoming Rivian electric bicycle will offer similar design characteristics to the R1T and R1S. The e-bike will offer up to a 3-kWh battery that will deliver a driving range of over 50 miles on a single charge. We expect the e-bikes to have a price ranging from $1,500-4,000 depending upon the models and configuration.

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