Some Lucid Air Are Eligible For $7500 EV Tax Credit: Check Model & Price

Some Lucid Air models are now eligible for the federal EV tax credit

Lucid Motors revealed its first electric car – Lucid Air with its magnificent design and mystique performance. The Air is undoubtedly among the most insane cars when it comes to its performance and price. Lucid’s flagship electric car lineup is not in any case a cheap car. The EV starts at $89,000 for the base Air Pure model and goes up to $249,000 for the top of the line limited edition Sapphire model. Some Lucid Air models ae eligible for Federal EV tax credit for a limited period.

Some EV startup’s models are now negligible for the Federal tax credit. Some Lucid Air models are now up for a $7,500 EV tax credit to attract buyers to buy electric cars. According to Green Car Reports, the new tax credit will apply to specific number of Air models. According to the new electric vehicle tax credit, some electric cars are temporarily negligible for the benefit. The new prices after the tax deductions are for the Air Touring and Grand Touring models. Lucid Motors announced that buyers can benefit from the EV tax credit if they lease the car.

New prices of the Lucid Air models:-


The Air Touring model now starts at around $101,400 while the Air Grand Touring will start at nearly $132,000. Although the $7,500 barely makes hole at the car’s expensive pricetag. Regardless the upcoming EV buyers will be attracted to buying the car after the new prices. Lucid Motors makes some of the coolest electric sedans with the most advanced tech, incredible performance and long driving range. The Tesla Model S is the only competition when it comes to the sheer power and range of the EV.

The 2023 Lucid Air Dream Performance features a futuristic, sleek exterior design and packs a super high-tech luxury cabin inside. The Air Grand Touring delivers an impressive driving experience with absurd acceleration. The Air Dream Edition Performance comes with three electric motors that produce a crazy 1,111 hp of power and can rocket from 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds. The Grand Touring packs a big battery that delivers a driving range of up to 526 miles on a single charge. The Air Dream Edition offers a luxurious cabin that offers insane tech and offers comfortable driving.

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