Rolls-Royce Droptail Price, Engine, Top Speed, 0-60 Mph, Performance & Launch Date

Rolls-Royce Droptail Specifications & Features

Rolls-Royce keeps pushing the boundaries of modern coachbuilding with a truly captivating two-door, two-seat roadster known as the Rolls-Royce Droptail. This remarkable creation carries the legacy of its predecessors – the Sweptail of 2017 and the Boat Tail of 2021. Developed in close collaboration with what Rolls affectionately calls ‘the marque’s most daring patrons’. The Droptail promises a journey into uncharted elegance. While the identities of these patrons remain a well-kept secret, it’s clear that the Droptail will emerge in four distinct iterations. Each is tailored to the unique desires of its owner. Echoing the grace of early 20th-century American coachbuilders, the Droptail draws inspiration from icons such as the 1912 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost ‘Sluggard’. The 1930 Rolls-Royce Phantom Brewster New York Roadster, and the 1925 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Piccadilly. These legendary references infuse an extra layer of allure into the already captivating design.

What’s New?

This endeavor surpassed prior undertakings in terms of scope. The Droptail’s structure boasts a monocoque design, combining steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber. Notably, the vehicle is about 10 inches shorter than the Ghost. Featuring a blend of steel and carbon fiber in its bodywork. Rolls-Royce emphasizes that this Droptail diverges significantly from retro imitation. Integrating contemporary elements such as a reimagined Rolls-Royce monogram emblem and a subtle bend at the apex of the Pantheon grille. Remarkably, it signifies the first instance where a Rolls-Royce grille departs from its traditional skyward orientation. Adopting a refreshingly dynamic aspect. This sportiness extends to the rear, adorned with ‘sail cowls’ behind the cabin and a substantial rear deck that enhances downforce generation.

Rolls-Royce Droptail Engine, Power & Performance

Beneath the elongated hood resides the timeless 6.75-liter twin-turbo V12 engine. Receiving a notable 30-hp surge compared to the standard Phantom specification. Resulting in a commanding 593 horsepower, while torque surges to an impressive 620 pound-feet. Impressively, the journey from concept inception to the final masterpiece spanned a comprehensive four and a half years. Anders Warming, the head of design, revealed that the coachbuilding department exhibited an unprecedented level of dynamism – being “hyperactive” rather than merely proactive or reactive. When questioned about whether the impetus for these projects originates from Rolls-Royce or is primarily steered by customer insights.

Rolls-Royce Droptail Price

The creation of this masterpiece incorporates two striking shades of red – ‘true love’ and ‘mystery’. Additionally, it leverages exposed carbon fiber elements along with those impressive 22-inch wheels, some of which are tastefully painted. All the metalwork receives a sophisticated touch with the application of the ‘hydroshade’, a captivating dark chrome hue resembling liquid elegance. Remarkably, the Rolls grille boasts a newfound allure with its angled upright components, while the lower air intake showcases a unique three-dimensional pattern formed by 202 individual rectangular sections, a modern twist on traditional mesh designs. Stepping inside, the ambiance is perfected by the arrangement of 1603 pieces of black sycamore wood trim veneer, harmoniously reminiscent of rose petals playfully carried by the wind.

  • Rolls-Royce Droptail
  • Rolls-Royce Droptail

Predictably, the Droptail’s window didn’t sport a Monroney price sticker, and inquiring about the cost felt somewhat inappropriate. However, if the notion of Rolls-Royce constructing a custom model for you holds appeal, it’s worth noting that the Boat Tail, a preceding creation, allegedly commanded a price of approximately $28 million. Thus, it’s conceivable that the Droptail resides within a comparable financial realm.

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