Top 10 High Performance German Hatchbacks To Buy in 2023

German Hatchback

Germans are the greatest leaders in the automotive industry, and there is no doubt about that. The traditional German hatchback market might not be the fastest-growing, but it remains one of the most crucial and hotly contested. Within it, class stalwarts are reflecting on themselves all the time, while brand-new …

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TomTom To Power Hyundai & Kia’s Navigation Service In Europe


TomTom has joined hands with Hyundai Motor Group (HMG) in Europe. All HMG cars will get a new TomTom’s navigation system with real-time traffic data and updated maps supported by TomTom. Genesis became the first among the HMG brands to offer the TomTom navigation system right off from showrooms in …

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TVR Electric Sedan And SUV to Debut in 2024

TVR Electric

Overview TVR Electric Sedan And SUV are from the British sports car manufacturer, which is set to return in 2024. After a long road full of challenges, the brand’s comeback has been on and off ever since Les Edgar took over. A V8 prototype was revealed back in 2017, which …

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Coolest German V8s of All Time

Coolest German V8s

Overview The coolest German V8s were always there in the market both in the past and in the present. German carmakers always produce some of the best cars with great engine configs, from inline-5s to W6s, V10s, and even V12s. But, the coolest of them is undeniably the V8, which …

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2023 Audi A3 Peformance and Specifications

Overview The all-new Audi A3 2023 brings luxury and performance into one bag. The four-door sedan is set to unveil in the upcoming year. The mid-range sedan is a tough competitor to the entry-level luxury-packed sedans including the 2019 BMW 2-series Gran Coupe. The dynamic interior includes a huge infotainment display …

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