Tesla Recalls More Than 1.1 Million Cars In U.S Over Window Reversal Update


Tesla is recalling more than 1.1 million Tesla cars in the U.S due to its faulty window reversal system update. The new system update may not work correctly after detecting an obstruction on the road which increases the risk of damage. About: Reuters reported that the EV giant told NHTSA that it will push an …

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Texas GigaFactory Celebrates 10,000th Tesla Model Y


Tesla took over Twitter and shared a photo from the Tesla Gigafactory in Texas, celebrating the 10,000th Tesla. The Texas Gigafactory celebrated the 10,000th Tesla Model Y produced in the EV plant as a milestone. The Model Y went into production in April 2022 and in almost five months Tesla made 10,000 Model Y. About: …

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Here’s Why Tesla Removed Radar From It’s Tesla Model S & X

Tesla Steering

Tesla Removed Radar From Model S & Model X Why Tesla Removed Radar From It’s Tesla Model S and Model X. All Tesla Model S and Model X which produce after the Mid February will come with the Tesla Vision camera version while taking the radar systems out to enhance Tesla’s full self-driving capabilities which …

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