Top 10 Reliable Hatchback Under $30K To Buy In 2023

Volkswagen Golf R

There are a plethora of hatchbacks under $30,000 that you should get it right now. From hot hatches to comfortable ones to the most fuel-efficient ones, you can buy any type of car. If you are in thought of performance hatchbacks or a balance of both worlds, these cars are …

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Top 10 Most Stolen Cars In United Kingdom UK In 2023

Mercedes E-Class

Here we go with the list of most stolen cars in United Kingdom. In year 2021-22 108,542 motor vehicle thefts in England in which most of the cars are mention below. Day-by-day cars or vehicles are increasing on roads and Thefts are increasing too and more vehicle stolen reports are …

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10 Used Hatchbacks You Can Under $10K In 2023


These Are 10 Hatch Under $10,000 You Can Buy Used In 2023 Hatchbacks are the right kind of cars if you are an entry-level buyer or have a tight budget for buying the vehicle for your family member. They offer a good cargo space and a decent cabin while keeping …

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Top 10 Cool Looking Cars With Over 200 Hp In 2023

Honda Civic Type R

Horsepower is one of the most important factor while you’re looking for a new car and when it comes with a affordable price, good looking and have over 200 horsepower then what else you need. Cars with more curves and have a aggressive looks make you feel perfect and with …

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Julia Puzzuoli Car Collection: YouTuber & TikToker

Julia Puzzuoli Car Collection

Julia Puzzuoli is a famous influencer who has gained much popularity due to her YouTuber and TikTok career. She has over 13 million followers on TikTok and has over 680 subscribers on YouTube. She mostly puts up Comedy Videos and Dancing Skits on her Youtube. The 19 year old fashion …

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EVs Will Always Be More Expensive Than Petrol Cars: Honda Execs


EVs getting more popular than ever, and demand for electric vehicles is rising every day. Especially in Europe where diesel cars are almost dead, and petrol cars are taxed heavily. While in some cases, EVs may be cheaper than gas-powered cars, some cars cost almost double. In France, the BMW …

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Top 10 Cool Used Cars For Students To Buy In 2023

When you’re a student then you need a car with insane aggressive looks and awesome performance but you have a low budget. Then you should go with good used performance hatchbacks and sports/coupe cars because both of them have good performance, looks and can be in budget of under $20,000. …

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Top 10 Hatchbacks For Students To Buy In 2023


It’s back-to-school season and while kids are back to school they sure need a new ride for themselves. You don’t want to borrow your boring family car to school, would you? Don’t worry we have got you covered on that. In this article, we have covered some of the coolest …

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