Tesla May Be Using Cheat Codes For Better NCAP Results: Reports

Like Volkswagen did with their cars to cheat the emission regulations, EV giant Tesla might be using cheat codes in the NCAP tests. Paul Maric from CarExpert reported an interesting conversation with a hacker on Twitter. He said the EuroNCAP gets the cars from Tesla directly with easier testing methods for the EV maker. According to NCAP, this happens a few times when the vehicles are not for sale. The entity then randomly selects the vehicles from the provided list from the automaker. Their website says they need at least 4 cars for each test, which most buyers buy from the dealership. But here’s the catch, Tesla doesn’t have a dealer, the buyers directly buy the car from the website.


EuroNCAP asks for the vehicles if there are changes made to the model they have. Although the testing organization does not follow vehicles of each model year, Tesla has the advantage in that. The EV maker has the accessibility to turn off and on the changes based on the location via the car’s GPS. They can also make certain changes by hiding some of the things related to their car’s features.


No traffic safety organizations have tested Tesla’s FSD software except Consumer Reports and the Dawn Project which tested beta software. According to Da O” Dowd, Tesla with FSD installed failed to recognize the child mannequin in three attempts. It tells us the car is still unsafe for public roads with its FSD beta software onboard. We are certain that the AEB should work similarly to how the FSD or Tesla’s autopilot system works. Some reports that suggest that the ADAS function might interfere with the AEB resulting in a different situation.


The Twitter user’s theory proves that the tests done under these circumstances involving Autopilot and FSD can lead to better test results. Different from what the Dawn Project did with the Tesla car. These tests require more people with a grasp of the software who can examine and analyze the codes. It will make sure that the cars won’t use them to get better results in the tests such as NCAP.

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