This Is A $136,000 Adventure 1 Off-Road RV By Potential Motors

RVs seem like a very old thing to many people, bulky-looking vans with less powerful engines. Potential Motors has revealed its powerful all-electric Adventure 1 Off-Road RV. The Canadian startup specializes in vehicle control systems for electric off-road vehicles. With its ambition of building a stunningly designed car and offering brilliant off-roading abilities. The Adventure 1 will rival the competition from carmakers like Ford, Jeep, GM, and Rivian with their offerings.

The company emphasizes a new category that hijacks the looks of the Canoo or the VW ID. Buzz with its beautiful modern design. Its futuristic looks remind us of the EarthCruiser and the EarthRoamer vans. The RV rivals the Hyundai Staria Van, Rivian Adventure Van, or the GMC Hummer EV. The elegant camper van features a sleek big-windowed exterior and defines the future of electric camper vans.


Potential Adventure 1 RV:


Although the Potential Adventure 1 carries off-roading capabilities, it is still a UTV with its moderate off-roading and rugged design. The electric EV features a narrow interior similar to the Honda Talon, Yamaha Wolverine, Polaris General, and the John Deer Gator. It carries a Ford Bronco Sport wheelbase but is 10 inches narrow compared to the Bronco Sport. But thanks to its narrow design, the Adventure 1 is perfect for deep valleys with its narrow trails. The chassis is designed and built for off-roading with 13-inches of ground clearance and a good 9.84 inches of suspension travel. Adventure 1 also gets an adaptive suspension and torque system with automatic adjusting according to the terrain.


The Adventure 1 has a 40-degree approach angle and a 45-degree departure angle with a 29-degree break-over angle. The EV off-roader gets a bulky front protection cover with a skid plate, and a front winch with front and rear recovery hooks. It supports a raised roof rack for outdoor adventure with built-in roof rack storage for spare tires, recovery boards, and more. The Adventure 1 also offers a ladder at the rear wheels that acts as a ladder to the roof. The RV gets a spacious interior with a full-size bed, slide-out kitchen, and plenty of storage space. We hope the company will offer customization options for the buyers to design their RV accordingly.


Specifications: Power, Battery & Range


The Potential Motors Adventure 1 comes with a dual-motor setup with a differential-locking system for all four wheels. The EV motors make a hefty 604 horsepower and 737 lb-ft of torque which is more than average camper vans. The Adventure 1 carries a 70 kW battery that supports Level 3 DC fast charging and offers over 100 miles of driving range. We expect the electric EV to offer an incredible high-tech interior with lots of cool features. We will update you about the features when we get more information about the camper van.



Potential Motors will showcase the electric off-road RV in October this year at the Overland Expo in Arrington, Virginia. The Adventure 1 off-road RV will start at a price of around $136,600. We know it’s a lot to ask for an electric camper van but trust us that this RV is one heck of a creation. Potential Motors will make the electric off-road RV with no intention to mass produce it. You can preorder the Adventure 1 by paying $1,000 before the RV gets sold out.

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