The New 2022 Porsche Macan S Derives 375-HP


Being a middle one isn’t easy at all, whether it is in regard to any family or being a sports car. Other from middle one every child gets parental attention, which make them feel overlooked. Similarly lying in the middle of 434-hp GTS and 261-hp base, is the Macan S. But Porsche doesn’t forgot about the S for 2022, as Macan S gets a very enviable hand-me-down.

  • 2022 Porsche Macan S
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This inevitable gift is the result of shuffling of the Macan lineup. The last year’s Macan S had a 348-hp engine, whereas the new one inherits 375-hp coming out of turbo V6 from the old GTS. The stats achieved in last attempt for 60 mph is 3.9 sec. Whereas with the Sport Chrono Package, this can be just 3.8 sec. That’s also a second quicker than the 2019 model, last tested. The drag attempt for a quarter mile retrieves the stat of 12.5 sec. at 108 mph. The S also enjoys standard equipment, including Porsche Dynamic Light System, adaptive dampers, and big 20-inch wheels.

Pros: Notably quicker than before, sports-sedan reflexes, more standard equipment

Changes to the exterior design from previous one, make it look more like the Porsche Cayenne. Inside, the button filled center console has been replaced by a firm touch panel. However, the plastic panel will inevitably be blemished with fingerprints, bring wipes.

  • Interior Look
  • Dashboard
  • Gear Panel
  • Multimedia Touchscreen
  • Tachometer

The view from the driver’s seat is just like a classic Porsche. A large, centrally located analog tachometer with a speedometer next to it, just like in a 50-year old 911. In the center console, a 10.9-inch multimedia touchscreen with wireless Apple CarPlay is also given.

Cons: Still somewhat small for a compact SUV, updated interior engulfed with touch-sensitive controls.

There’s no dull thing about the drive of a Macan S. The steering establishes a perceptive connection between the driver’s palms and the road track. Acceleration from the twin-turbo V-6 is brisk, turbo lag is minimal, and it blusters pleasingly. A 383 lb-feet of torque is available from 1850 to 5000 rpm. When you switch to the Sport mode, transmission and throttle response goes more aggressive and adaptive dampers stiffen up. Downshifts could be done faster while upshifts takes time, and the buttery smooth gear shifts became little sharper. As we get indulged in the Macan S’s horsepower, our 18-mpg average fell short of the mentioned 19-mpg EPA combined rating. But the Porsche claims 26 mpg on 75-mph highway test, beating its EPA highway estimate by 3 mpg.

  • 2022 Porsche Macan S
  • Engine
  • Engine
  • Michelin Latitude Sport 3 Tires
  • Macan S - Rims

We’ve driven the new Macan S on its optional air springs ($1390), which provides a nice ride that damps out most irregularities on road whereas nicely hustle through corners. The coil springs on our test car did balance between comfort and body control, despite Macan’s inherited high sitting position and tall roofline. It has adequate cornering grip, chest-cavitating acceleration when using launch control, and big brakes to bring it all to a fade-free stop. Equipped with the staggered Michelin Latitude Sport 3 summer tires, a decent 0.91 of skidpad grip was recorded. The GTS might be quicker, but is also far more expensive.

The top model of GTS starts at $81,250, which makes Macan S base price $66,750 more attractive. The new 2022 Macan S is $5200 more than the last year’s model, credits to the increase in standard equipment and the 27 extra horsepower. The Macan S might be a middle one but is sure a fun to drive vehicle.

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