Top 10 Best Selling Electric Cars In India In 2023

Top 10 Best Selling Electric Cars In India In 2023 Details and Stats

Here’s some of the Best Selling Electric Cars In India In 2023 and why they are a good replacement for the current ICE cars. The electric four-wheeler segment in India, experienced a noticeable decline of 13% in August 2023. Tata Motors, MG Motors, and Mahindra and Mahindra maintained their positions as the top three market leaders. Hyundai and PCA secured the fourth and fifth spots in the ranking of the top electric cars in India for 2023. The pursuit of a cleaner and greener transportation future remains a driving force in this evolving industry.

Tata’s Dominance

Top 10 Best Selling Electric Cars In India In 2023
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Tata Motors has emerged as the leader in India’s electric four-wheeler market, boasting an impressive 81 percent market share in August 2023. The company’s dominance extends even further, with an overall market share of over 85 percent in the EV segment. The Tiago EV, Tata’s latest offering, has achieved remarkable success, becoming the best-selling electric vehicle in India within just a year of its launch, with more than 19,000 units sold since deliveries commenced in January 2023. Tata Motors has the Best Selling Electric Cars in India’s electric car market.

MG Motors is not so far behind

MG Motors is not so far behind
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MG Motors has secured the second position in India’s electric vehicle market, with a commendable 18 percent market share and sales of 1,146 units in August 2023. Adding to their achievements, MG Motor’s ZS EV has crossed a significant milestone, surpassing 10,000 sales in the country. This electric car, introduced in late 2019 and later updated in March 2022, has clearly found favor among Indian consumers, contributing to MG Motor’s strong performance in the EV segment. MG Motors is one of the Best Selling Electric Cars brand with a more and more customers switching to electric.

Other EV Manufacturers

In the competitive landscape of India’s EV market in August, Mahindra maintained its third position, despite delivering 377 units, securing a 6 percent market share. Meanwhile, Hyundai Motors made a significant leap from the 6th spot in July to claim the 4th position with 182 units sold and a 2 percent market share. PCA Automobiles, however, slid to the 5th position, losing out to Hyundai Motors, as it sold 110 units and captured a 3 percent market share.

Tata’s Motive and Vision

Tata Motors continues to shine brightly in India’s electric vehicle market, underscoring its unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability. With a remarkable 54.9% year-on-year growth, Tata Motors maintains its lion’s share in the E4W market, even amidst shifting market dynamics. The company’s dedication to affordable electric mobility is a significant advantage, positioning them as a dominant player in this rapidly evolving industry.

1.TATA ELECTRIC5,4274,598-15%81%
2.MG MOTOR1,2241,146-6%18%
3.MAHINDRA  3733771%6%
4.HYUNDAI INDIA11418260%2%
5.CITROEN (PCA AUTO) 216110-49%3%
6.BYD INDIA 11792-21%2%
7.BMW INDIA 10570-33%2%
8.VOLVO INDIA 333918%0%
9.KIA INDIA2927-7%0%
10.AUDI AG91344%0%
In conclusion, the electric vehicle landscape in India is witnessing dynamic changes in 2023. Tata Motors leads the charge with an impressive 81 percent market share, displaying a commitment to affordable and sustainable mobility. MG Motors follows closely with an 18 percent market share, maintaining its second position. Mahindra and Mahindra, despite delivering fewer units, secure the third spot with a 6 percent market share. Hyundai Motors and PCA Automobiles move up the ranks to claim the fourth and fifth positions, further diversifying the EV market.

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