Volkswagen ID.X Performance Price, Motor, Battery, Range, Top Speed, 0-60 Mph & Features

Volkswagen ID.X Performance Specifications and Details

Volkswagen’s latest concept, the Volkswagen ID.X Performance, showcases a sportier take on the ID.7 electric sedan. With a robust 551-horsepower dual-motor electric powertrain and various performance enhancements, this concept grabs attention. While it may not become a production car, it hints at the potential for a dual-motor version of the ID.7. Volkswagen is expanding its EV lineup, and this concept demonstrates the transformation of a sedate electric sedan into a more thrilling ride, though its production fate remains uncertain.

Volkswagen ID.X Performance Design

Volkswagen ID.X Performance Design
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Volkswagen’s ID.X Performance concept takes the base ID.7 electric sedan and gives it a sporty makeover. The enhancements include a body kit with a front splitter, rear diffuser, and a substantial rear wing. Darkened taillights add to the aggressive appearance. Inside, you’ll find red accents and well-bolstered front seats. This transformation also involves carbon fiber diffusers, 20-inch wheels, and suspension tweaks, which lower the car by nearly 2.5 inches. The ID.X Performance concept showcases Volkswagen’s commitment to combining power and handling upgrades with bold aesthetics, potentially setting the stage for future performance-oriented EVs in their lineup.


Volkswagen ID.X Performance Features
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The Volkswagen ID.X Performance concept packs a punch with a 550bhp dual-motor electric powertrain. It boasts a rear electric motor, along with a front motor, providing all-wheel-drive capability. The vehicle dynamics manager takes charge of torque distribution and rear axle differential lock, and there’s even a boost mode for an extra kick of power. The ID.X Performance flaunts a range of aerodynamic enhancements, including carbon fiber splitters at the front and rear, an 80mm increase in track width, and a substantial carbon fiber rear wing for added downforce. Inside, carbon fiber bucket seats and bold red accents complete the sporty look and feel.

Battery and Performance

The Volkswagen ID.X steps up the performance game with a dual-motor setup, boasting a combined output of 551 hp. The ID.X gets a AWD system with a synchronous motor on the front and an asynchronous motor on the rear. This setup not only provides substantial power but also offers low drag losses and the ability to handle short-term power overload for an exhilarating boost in performance. Drivers have control over this potent setup through the gauge cluster display screen, making it an electrifying experience.

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