Volvo Streamlines EV Lineup: XC40 & C40 Renamed, No More “Recharge”

Volvo’s XC40 Recharge becomes EX40, C40 Recharge becomes EC40, both boasting upgraded powertrains

Volvo has made significant changes to its vehicle naming and nomenclature system. The most notable change is the discontinuation of the ‘Recharge’ sub-brand from its lineup of all-electric and plug-in hybrid models. Previously, Volvo used the Recharge branding for its initial all-electric models and strong-hybrid models, but now the company will drop the name globally.

For electric vehicle (EV) models, the XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge SUVs will now be referred as the EX40 and EC40 respectively. This brings these models in line with Volvo’s recent new-generation all-electric models such as the flagship EX90 SUV, the EX30 SUV, and the EM90 MPV. It’s important to note that this name change does not apply to the combustion engine XC40, which is no longer available in India. This new naming scheme will go on globally, Volvo Cars India will continue to use the existing names for the XC40 and C40 EVs.

Powertrain Upgrades:

Source: Volvo Cars

Plug-in hybrid models will offer either a T6 or T8 badge. Previously, Volvo used the T nomenclature for the brand’s pure petrol models, which were later rebadged to B with the introduction of mild-hybrid technology as standard across all internal combustion models.

Volvo has also announced powertrain updates for the EX40 (XC40 Recharge) and EC40 (C40 Recharge). Both models will receive a new Performance software pack for the dual-motor variants, increasing power from the current 300 kW (402 bhp) to 325 kW (436 bhp). Additionally, the new software pack introduces a Performance drive mode with unique throttle mapping to the SUV. This option will be available to new and existing owners of the electric SUVs for model year 2024 through the Volvo Cars app.

Volvo 40 Series Black Edition:

Source: Volvo

Furthermore, Volvo has introduced new Black Edition variants of the XC40, EX40, and EC40 for global markets. These models feature a blacked-out exterior appearance with an Onyx Black paint finish, darkened exterior chrome elements, and black-finished 20-inch alloy wheels. They will be offered a charcoal black interior upholstery in either Microtech or textile material.

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