VW ID.GTI Price, Motor, Battery, Range, Top Speed, 0-60 Mph, Performance & Features

VW ID.GTI Specifications & Features

Last week, Volkswagen grabbed attention by unveiling the Golf GTI 380 equipment package, which signifies the end of manual transmissions in the GTI lineup. This week, Volkswagen is taking us on a journey through GTI history yet to be written. They unveiled the VW ID. GTI Concept at the IAA in Munich, Germany, marking a groundbreaking development as the first electric vehicle proudly sporting the iconic GTI badge. In the United States, Volkswagen has already confirmed the arrival of electric vehicles like the ID4 SUV, ID Buzz van, and ID7 sedan, all based on the MEB platform. What’s intriguing is that the new ID GTI Concept also shares the same platform, featuring front-wheel drive, and a production model is in the works, although specific release date and location details remain undisclosed.

What’s New?

VW’s styling chief, Andreas Mindt, envisioned the GTI’s design while creating the base model ID.2all. This foresight is evident in the base ID2.all’s robust appearance, accentuated further in the GTI variant. Notably, it boasts a commanding presence with strong lines and a muscular stance. The GTI edition elevates this with several enhancements. Up front, a substantial hexagon-pattern lower grille dominates the bumper, while the side skirts artfully mimic the shape of the door pressings. Additionally, arch extensions and a rear spoiler positioned at the roof’s trailing edge contribute to the GTI’s distinct profile. Finally, a larger diffuser section integrated into the rear bumper adds to the sporty aesthetics.

VW ID.GTI Motor, Battery, & Range

Volkswagen hasn’t disclosed specific power figures for the ID.GTI yet. But we can reasonably expect it to deliver a minimum of 223 horsepower. Matching the commitment made for the highest-tier ID.2 model. Similar to the existing gasoline-powered GTI, the ID.GTI will feature an electronically controlled limited-slip differential. Enhancing its traction and adaptability in selectable dynamic modes. Additionally, it incorporates a simulated sound system, capable of faithfully reproducing the iconic GTI engine sounds from historical models like the inaugural 1976 Mk 1 and the 1986 Mk 2 16-valve iteration. In essence, while precise power details are pending, it’s safe to anticipate robust performance, along with advanced handling features and a nostalgic touch in terms of audio experience.


We eagerly await further mechanical details regarding the production ID.GTI. However, we anticipate that it will utilize the larger of the two ID.2 battery packs. Boasting a substantial 56.0 kWh capacity as opposed to the entry-level 38.0 kWh. Volkswagen has previously indicated that this larger pack will facilitate swift DC fast-charging. Offering speeds of up to 125 kW and an impressive range of up to 280 miles according to Europe’s optimistic WLTP testing protocol. An intriguing question arises concerning the possibility of a speed limiter on the ID.GTI. Volkswagen has imposed a 99 mph restriction on the ID.3 in Europe, and similar measures are planned for the regular ID.2. However, being a performance-oriented variant, could the GTI be granted the freedom to achieve higher speeds? We await further information with bated breath.

VW ID.GTI Dimensions

VW ID.GTI Dimensions
Length161.81 in
Width72.44 in
Height59.06 in
Wheelbase102.36 in
Cargo Volume16.21 ft3
Airbags7 Airbags
ID.GTI Dimensions

Furthermore, a noteworthy feature worth mentioning is the capability to transform the 10.9-inch digital instrument display into a rendering reminiscent of the Mk 2 Golf GTI’s instrument pack. Adding to the display options, there’s a more substantial 12.9-inch screen at the center of the dashboard. Notably, Volkswagen has reintroduced separate temperature and volume controls, departing from their previous integration into the touchscreen. A change seen in the updated larger ID models. Another innovative inclusion is the head-up display, available for both the driver and front-seat passenger. This display projects performance data prominently across the full screen height, offering passengers insights into “completed lap times.” However, it’s challenging to envision this distraction making its way into a road-legal version.


Although the standard ID.2 is currently not on the market, it’s set to make its European debut in 2026. With the GTI version following in the subsequent year. These vehicles will be produced in Spain, utilizing the MEB Entry platform, which is shared with Škoda and Seat models. Regarding the U.S. market, there’s potential for its introduction in the future. When it comes to the GTI variant, you can anticipate it offering a shorter distance between refueling stops. But it’s also expected to come with a significantly higher price tag compared to the approximately $27,000 that VW is considering for the base ID.2 model.

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