20,000th Lamborghini Huracan hits off to road in Italy

20,000th Lamborghini Huracan hits off to road in Italy


The Lamborghini Huracan has now officially outsold its predecessor, the Gallardo. The 20,000th Lamborghini Huracán is an STO. It is painted in Grigio Acheso Matt color goes off the production line in Italy. Waiting for its customer in Monaco. 71% of Huracán buyers usually go for the coupe. 32% of sales are made in the US alone. The brand says that 60% of them have been customized by the company’s Ad Personam program

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Throughout Lamborghini’s record, the Italian supercar manufacturer had sold only a few hundred cars per year. That philosophy changed when Gallardo came out in 2003. The V10powered supercar producing 520 horsepower with a 0-60 mph time in less than 3.8 seconds took the market by storm, selling over 14,000 units during its decade-long production run. But its successor, the Huracan, entered markets in 2014 proved even more successful than the Gallardo. And Lamborghini has made that in reality by making its 20,000th example of the V10-powered supercar.

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The 20,000th Huracan exited the production line. The STO painted in Grigio Acheso Matt colour for a customer in Monaco.

Lamborghini has also provided the information that from all the 20,000 Huracan produced, 60% of them have gone through the company’s Ad Personam program. The United States has been the top market for the brand marking over 32% of the total sales followed by the U.K and China. With STO production underway and the recent introduction of the new Tecnica model, the Huracán will continue racking up sales before a plug-in hybrid model arrives in 2024.

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