Aston Martin Will Launch its First Electric Supercar in 2025

Aston Martin Will Launch its First Electric Supercar in 2025.


Aston Martin has said that every model will be available with an electric powertrain option by the year 2026, starting with the Valhalla plug-in hybrid in 2024. The company plans to launch its first EV marking the first in its history by 2025. Starting with the Valhalla. Aston will be delivering its plug-in hybrid models by 2024. With the electrified models available by 2026.

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Aston Martin

With the current trend, every major auto brand is shifting towards an all-electric future. Many big manufacturers have started electrifying their portfolios. They will be finished before the end of this decade following the regulations set by the government to fight climate change. And it’s not surprising that many brands are targeting the year 2030 to stop delivering ICE models forever. And today it’s Aston Martin’s turn. The company will launch its first all-electric model by 2025

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A couple of years ago, Aston Martin marked its first-ever EV. The 600-hp Aston Martin Rapide E became the company’s first-ever production EV. But it got cancelled before even getting out in the markets. Aston is here again to commit to an electrified future and this time they’re serious. As the rumours suggest, this time it’ll be a two-door supercar. The Aston Martin DBX will have an electric version, so chill out people. It will not be its first one though. But all that aside, that’s all set for 2025. 

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Before Aston Martin’s first EV arrives. The 937-hp Valhalla is all set to hit the roads in 2024. Aston Martin s first-ever plug-in hybrid hypercar. After that, within four years, Aston Martin will mostly have all of its lineups electrified. That means all cars including the Vantage and DBX will have their electrified versions by 2026. Meanwhile, Aston Martin is all set to go towards net-zero carbon emissions future before this decade ends. 


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