Tesla To Start Making Robotaxi By 2024 Says Elon Musk

Tesla will start mass production of the robotaxi by the starting of 2024 says Elon Musk


Musk claims that a Tesla vehicle without a steering wheel and pedals will begin mass production starting 2024.

During the first-quarter earnings call, Musk claimed that a robotaxi without a steering wheel or pedals and full self-driving will begin volume production by 2024 reported by Automotive News. It is still in beta testing. The goal is to provide a ride that cost less than an average public transport. This is not the first time Musk has proclaimed the arrival of a Tesla robotaxi. In 2019, Musk claimed the robotaxi would arrive in 2020. We all know that never happened. During that time he had also said about the Semi and the Tesla Cybertruck that will hit production by 2023 and we all know what did happen to that. All got delayed. like the Tesla Roadster that was unveiled in 2017. 

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Tesla Taxi

Musk’s claims like this are not new. So it is very much dubious of him to claim that a self-driving robotaxi with no steering wheels and pedal be headed into mass production in 2024. As he said in 2020, taking the regulatory approval is the hardest part of that. As he said, it’ll have Level 5 autonomy which is just absolutely bongering as there are no Level 5 autonomy vehicles on the US roads as of now. General Motors’ Cruise is currently testing a bunch of Chevy Bolts. But that is limited to only 30 mph roads. As we move forward, we hope that more self-driving cars will hit the roads. The claim of a full self-driving robotaxi with no steering wheel or pedals in 2024 is still a question mark. 


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