2024 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Price, Engine, 0-60 Mph, Top-speed & Performance

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Specifications & Features

If you’re into eye-catching aesthetics and a thrilling driving experience, the 2024 Alfa Romeo Stelvio crossover is the perfect match. Its charismatic style and impressive agility make it a joy to drive. Powering this dynamo is a turbo-four that punches above its weight, delivering a performance reminiscent of a robust V-6. The transmission is equally snappy, with an eight-speed gearbox ensuring seamless operation and swift shifts. While the base Sprint model rocks rear-wheel drive, all other trims boast all-wheel drive for enhanced control. Despite its commendable design and performance, we did notice a slight dip in luxury and utility. Even though it falls a tad short in practicality compared to rivals, the Stelvio’s Italian flair adds a unique charm, making it a contender for those who appreciate a sporty ride.

What’s New?

In 2024, the Stelvio will undergo significant enhancements, featuring a versatile 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster offering three configurations: Evolved, Relax, and Heritage. Alfa Romeo meticulously refines the front fascia, repositioning the logo and revising the bottom air ducts. Noteworthy updates include innovative LED matrix technology in the headlights with distinctive “3+3” accent lights, mirroring the signature style of the new Tonale. The taillights receive a makeover with rearranged LED elements. Introducing the top-tier Competizione model, Alfa elevates luxury with exclusive matte Moonlight Gray paint, sophisticated interior trims, and the adaptive suspension system borrowed from the high-performance Quadrifoglio model. These enhancements epitomize Alfa Romeo’s commitment to cutting-edge design and driving experience.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Engine, Power & Performance

Revving up the Stelvio’s performance is a robust 280-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder, seamlessly channeled through an eight-speed automatic transmission. In tests and daily drives, the engine showcased impressive swiftness, with a responsive throttle and silky power delivery that won us over. The exhaust note, with its spirited rasp, perfectly complements the driving experience. For those hungry for more excitement, the Quadrifoglio promises an even higher thrill quotient. While rear-wheel drive is the default for the base model, all-wheel drive is an optional upgrade and comes standard in the rest of the lineup. Whether opting for base or pushing for the Quadrifoglio, Stelvio delivers a dynamic driving experience, amplified by thoughtful transmission and power configurations.

  • 2024 Alfa Romeo Stelvio
  • 2024 Alfa Romeo Stelvio

With a robust towing capacity of 3000 pounds, the Stelvio not only impresses with its lively powertrain but also showcases agile handling and a smooth ride. Even when equipped with 20-inch wheels, the tested version managed to isolate passengers from harsh bumps effectively. While its maximum cornering grip aligns with competitors, the Stelvio takes the lead in driving engagement, asserting itself as the alpha dog. Sharing its chassis with the Giulia sedan, the Stelvio maintains composed and comfortable damping. Despite the steering not matching the sharpness of the Giulia, its light effort and quick reflexes stand out, especially considering it’s a crossover.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Mileage

2024 Alfa Romeo Stelvio MileageCityHighway
RWD22 mpg29 mpg
AWD21 mpg28 mpg
Stelvio Fuel-Economy

While the Stelvio’s actual fuel efficiency and highway coverage may not stand out, they do match up with similar four-cylinder rivals. The rear-drive variant achieves a city mileage of 22 mpg and a highway range of 29 mpg. Opting for all-wheel drive results in a slight decrease of 1 mpg in the highway rating.


2024 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Dimensions
Length184.6 in
Width74.9 in
Height66.0 in
Wheelbase110.9 in
Cargo Volume89 ft3
Airbags6 Airbags
Stelvio Dimensions

Welcoming 2024, the Stelvio undergoes a tech makeover with a fresh 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster, offering three versatile configurations: Evolved, Relax, and Heritage. The 8.8-inch infotainment system, navigable by touch or a convenient center-console rotary controller, remains a constant. Standard features include built-in navigation, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. While visually appealing, we noted occasional tardiness in navigation alerts, potentially causing missed turns. However, this hiccup is easily mitigated by opting for one of the two standard smartphone integration interfaces for navigation. The Stelvio’s tech enhancements promise a more personalized and user-friendly driving experience.


2024 Alfa Romeo Stelvio TrimsPrice (USD)
Stelvio Price

We highly recommend going for the Stelvio Ti—it’s the optimal choice. It includes all-wheel drive as standard, a feature that comes at an additional cost with the entry-level Sprint trim. The Ti not only enhances your driving experience with larger 19-inch wheels but also provides built-in navigation and a sunroof as standard features. Furthermore, there’s a range of enticing options available. While additional charges apply for most paint colors, you have various wheel designs to choose from. Our suggestion is to stick with the original wheels and consider adding both the Performance package and the Premium package to enhance your Stelvio Ti even further. This way, you’ll enjoy a fully equipped and personalized driving experience.

Specifications, Quarter Mile, 0-60 Mph & Top-Speed

2024 Alfa Romeo Stelvio SpecificationsSpecs
Engine2.0L turbocharged inline-4
Horsepower280 hp 
Torque306 lb-ft 
0-60 MPH5.3–5.5 sec
0-100 MPH14.6–15.1 sec
1/4 Mile14.0–14.4 sec
Top-Speed144 mph
Stelvio Specs

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