Don’t Make this Mistake Again | Color of Your Car Affects Its Resale Value



Don’t Make this mistake again, some colors will turn your car into a better investment. Based on a recent study conducted by iSeeCars there is a direct correlation between the color of your car and its resale value. The team at iSeeCars conducted a study of 650,000 sales of three-year-old used cars to determine how color affects their rate of depreciation.

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Regarding the used car market, Yellow is the only color that kicks off depreciation value better than any other color. The average depreciation of the yellow cars was 4.5% whereas the used vehicles analyzed was 15%. Other less popular colors accompany yellow as a safe investment with orange in second with a depreciation rate of 10.7% and purple in third place with 13.9%. After purple, there is red, green, blue, and gray.

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These highly attractive colors are more valuable on the used market as they are pretty rare. According to iSeeCars, “Yellow is among the least popular car colors with the lowest vehicle share and is commonly a color for sports cars and other low-volume vehicles that hold their value relatively well. Because yellow vehicles are so novel in the secondhand marketplace, people are willing to pay a premium for them.”

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What colors to Avoid?

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So the cars with the most desirable colors, that hurt your vehicle’s value are white at 15.5% or 0.5% worse than average. Next is black at 16.1% followed by gold at 16.7% and brown at 17.8%. Colors like white and black are very common and they do not stand out on the used market.


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