Tesla Model S Plaid Battery, Performance, Top-Speed, 0-60 mph, Range & Price



Tesla is well-known for its manufacturing success with EVs since their establishment in 2003. The brand does have a true dedication to making fast EVs that are as fun to drive as gasoline-powered cars despite the noble goal of revolutionizing the vehicle industry by producing technologically advanced vehicles to reduce global consumption and fossil fuels.

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The Tesla Model S Plaid proved itself a record-breaker during early drives of the model. When “drag strip mode” was activated on the car, it was tested in multiple directions in the track to ensure there were not any unique advantages due to the surfacing. Some drivers said that they could not compete in drag races with the car because it is too quick. Many drag strips require cars with parachutes that complete the run in under ten seconds because brakes might not be enough to bring the car to a stop. Tesla has mitigated this issue with a carbon-ceramic brake kit costing an astounding $20,000.

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The car is truly a marvel of speed and engineering, the speeds reached for the run are enough to generate 1.15 g-force on average while accelerating to 60 MPH. That much g-force is enough to pin the driver back to the seat. With that much power available for any driver, the quickest production car might not be a good idea for some unskilled, inexperienced, or daily drivers. Despite being incredibly fun, “drag strip mode” is not for everyone.



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Tesla did not stop on the interior either, with the futuristic yoke steering wheel, minimalist dashboard design, and incredible technology embedded. The vents are hidden, keeping the sleek design uninterrupted for the most part. A large, 17-inch touchscreen on the dashboard to control temperature, infotainment, navigation, and more. Extra legroom, headroom, and a stowable armrest with integrated storage and wireless charging make the interior feel roomy and comfortable.

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Battery, Performance & Range


Model S Plaid comes with a 95.0 kWh battery capable of ranging up to 396 miles. The top speed of the car is 200 mph and the acceleration is 1.99 seconds from 0-60 mph. The battery produces 1,202 hp that comes from a tri-motor system with AWD. The car uses torque vectoring to allow for variations in the amount of power being sent to each wheel.

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As-built for speed, the Plaid is also a functional daily driver when the fun modes are not used. It comes with a hefty price of $129,840 MSRP base for the 2022 year.


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