Ferrari Patents For Mid Engine Setup For Next Electric Hybrid

Ferrari Patents Mid Engine For Upcoming Electric Hybrid Cars

A patent registered by Ferrari in 2019 which was published in 2022 features plans for the upcoming electric or hybrid supercar by the Italian automaker.

Weight Balance

Ferrari Patents For Mid Engine it shows the mid engine battery layout similar to the layout as to the company Rimac makes, with a large pack right at the back of the seats which creates a perfect weight balance to the car as the other mid engine car.

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Placement Of Batteries

Ferrari Patents Mid-Engine
Ferrari Patents Mid-Engine

But unlike Rimac, Ferrari has also packed the batteries in the floor enhancing more stability of the car as they’re divided into three units packing one in the back and others which are angled upwards to help car stuck to road at curves and fast speeds and adding more aerodynamics of the car even more than the regular Ferrari’s present today. And it looks like Ferrari will stick to that design for their future supercars as this one adds more centre of gravity and more downward force to the car as well as cool down batteries quicker than the current technology we have today.

So as Ferrari’s plans to electrify it’s portfolio of its super exotic supercars is nearer than we think, we’ll see more cars in their line-up carrying that same amount of tech with them.

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