2022 Maserati MC20 Convertible Price, Top Speed & 0-60 mph


Maserati MC20 Convertible Spied

Maserati MC20 Convertible/cabriolet version was caught testing during cold winter conditions near the Arctic Circle. The prototype wears a light blue camouflage that was applied in a hurry, two plastic attachments can be seen on the roof, as well a green wire held in place that seems to be an electrical tape. The tow strap was also installed at the front, further suggesting that the whole team wanted to get this prototype on road as soon as possible.

Carbon Fibre Body & Roof

2022 Maserati MC20 Convertible
2022 Maserati MC20 Convertible

Maserati said the body of the car is made from carbon fibre and other composite materials in its entirety. Suggesting that the Maserati MC20 will feature a retractable hard-top roof. Apart from the roof, the MC20 cabriolet will be largely identical to the MC20 coupe which arrived for the 2022 model year, except for a small and light pop-up hardtop roof. This change will affect both, the stiffness and the weight of the car.

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Interior & Features

Inside, the MC20 has a pair of 10.3-inch screens, one for the digital instrument cluster & the other centrally located for infotainment. The steering wheel features an ignition button on the left and a launch control button on the right. Carbon-fibre trim is found throughout, and the car comes with handy items like a digital rearview mirror and wireless charging for portable devices.

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Engine, Performance, 0-60 mph & Top Speed

2022 MC20 Convertible
2022 MC20 Convertible

Under the hood of Maserati MC20 there lies the ‘Nettuno twin-turbo 3.0L V6 engine. That produces 621 hp (Horsepower) and 730 Nm of torque. MC20 can go from 0-60 mph (0-100 km/h) in 2.9 seconds onto a top speed of 202 mph (325 km/h), but there’s a chance the convertible will be slower due to the slight differences in weight and aerodynamics.

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MC20 Convertible
MC20 Convertible

Pricing for the Maserati MC20 in the U.S. starts at $212,000 USD. The convertible should start even higher Expected $230,000 USD.


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