Ford Files For New Patents For Its Off-Roaders

Ford files for new patents: new tank turn system, sand ladders that are integrated into the body


Ford has filed a pair of patents which gives us a glimpse into Ford’s upcoming future off-roaders. One of the patents is for the recovery boards that double as functional portions of the body. The other one is for the Blue Oval’s take on the tank turn system similar to the GMC Hummer EV.

Ford Sand Ladders Patent

Ford states the recovery board patent as “vehicle design integrated sand ladders.” It describes many ways of implementing the idea. For example, a clamp or a latch could hold the items against the body, helping to work double as the vehicle’s running boards. The images of patents show the mounting locations so that the sand ladders could double as the hood vents, the grille, or attach to the tailgate. Other than actually being functional, like for the running boards, others in the pictures will work more in a role in the vehicle’s aesthetics increasing its aura. 

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The other drawings in the images show the boards of what seems to be an F-150. But one likely depicts the one from the Ford Bronco, which in that case, double as narrow doors for the off-roader. The running boards could double as sand ladders to get you unstuck

Ford Tank Turn Patent

Ford’s other patent named “methods and apparatus to perform a tank turn” is specifically for EVs. As it describes, drivers will have the option of whether they want the model to spin clockwise or anticlockwise. Depending on the direction, the system would break the front and rear wheels. The tech in the patent would likely decrease the suspension load on the same wheels. Then, the powertrain would turn other wheels in opposite directions, so the vehicle starts spinning. By reducing the suspension load on the braked wheels, there would be less friction on them while turning. 

We have seen several Ford patents this year that are for tech for the off-roaders. 


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