Ford’s F-150 Lightning Home Integration System Will Cost $3,895

Ford F-150 Lightning Home Integration System will cost over $3,895.


The upcoming Ford F-150 Lightning owners will have access to use the vehicle’s backup power feature. They can power their homes during a power failure or a power outage. Apart from the Ford F-150 Lightning, they will need two more things to make use of the feature. 

They will need the Ford Charge Station Pro, an 80-amp charging station. It comes with all F-150 Lightning with the Extended Range Battery pack. The Ford Charge Station Pro will be available at all Ford dealerships for $1,310

The next thing the owners will need is the Home Integration System. It will consist of an inverter, a transfer switch, and a small battery. It will be able to power the system temporarily when the main power goes out. The cost of the Home Integration System wasn’t known to the people until now. Ford’s Director of Charging & Energy Services posted about the cost in one LinkedIn post. 


The Home Integration System will be sold exclusively through Ford’s partner, Sunrun. It will cost about $3,895 plus additional installation charges. Sunrun is Ford’s official installation partner for the Home Integration System. Owners of the F-150 Lightning will also have the choice to buy the Home Integration System from Sunrun for $3,895 and can use another installation contractor, like Qmerit

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Steven’s post also says that the installation costs for installing the Home Integration System will differ from person to person. And will be “dependent on your personal home setup.”

The system can be controlled manually via an app. And owners will have the option to set it to automatically engage when the power goes out. You can also set a limit to restrict how low you allow the system to drain the battery of the vehicle. After installation, the Intelligent Backup Power System can deliver up to 9.6 kW to the home. And we expect that it would be enough to power your entire home for several days during a power outage. If the Lightning is charged up fully before the power outage. 


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