Koenigsegg Going To Launch Cheapest Supercar



Koenigsegg is Going To Launch the Cheapest Supercar that “Everyone” can buy. RAW, a sub-brand of Koenigsegg, for the first time in 2020, with the Swedish giant contributing in, the foundation for an affordable supercar could turn to fruition. The sub-brand’s inspiration seems to root in supercars of the ’70s, like the Lamborghini Countach, Lancia Stratos Zero, and Ferrari Modulo.

What’s New?


The car features a wedged look, that comes from a couple of exotic concepts from the 1970s. The design is unlike anything else you will see in the industry today. From the looks of it, we can tell that the majority of the focus is on aerodynamics. There are some eye-catching exterior elements, which include the double-bubble roof, typical of all Koenigseggs. Unlike the regular dihedral helix doors, the ones on the RAW’s concept feature dramatic reverse suicide fashion doors. The car also has a sharp LED light and a massive adaptive diffuser that is visible at the rear.

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Engine & Performance


The car is expected to sport a small engine and carbon structure, and the team had managed to shell out enough space for the driver and the other two passengers. As said earlier, expect a small, turbocharged, in-line, three-cylinder engine something similar to the “Friendly Giant” found in the Gemera. The Gemera produces 590hp and 600 Nm of torque from the engine alone, while the electric motors bump it up to an astonishing 1700hp. Gemara’s engine is by itself the most powerful three-cylinder engine in the world and uses Koenigsegg’s Free-Valve technology.

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As the future is quickly transitioning towards EVs, Koenigsegg’s entry-level supercar will take the all-electric route.


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