Modern-Day Buick Riviera Redesigned



Modern-Day Buick Riviera Redesigned by an Instagram Renderer jlord8. The Riviera is one of the most well-known and well-loved cars to ever come from the brand. Also known as Classic American Icon and this modern interpretation of the Riviera, shows us what the car might look like should Buick bring it back.

What’s New?

1995 Buick Riviera
1995 Buick Riviera

Well, the first simplest thing to note about this rendering is just how little to no of the original Riviera is integrated into it. The car retains the elegant, minimal lines of the original and, the coupe style. The seam running along the lower part of the doors and the side of the car is something that has been inspired by the classic Riviera and onto this car.

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Modern-Day Buick
Modern-Day Buick

The Riviera’s front fascia features a simple, modern, large grille with thin eyebrow style headlights. The grille and headlight designs are the same as with the modern Buicks. Also, the thin chrome strip runs across either side of the grille. The front end is quite clean, and the grille is not as offensive as the modern-day BMWs. The wheels are also set apart from the classic Riviera, featuring a 10-spoke wheel design.

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Styling Features

Modern-Day Buick

This modern Riviera’s body lines are smooth and swooping, and from the looks, the car isn’t bulky. The rear wheel fenders swoop undisturbed over the back wheels, while there is a small hump to the bodywork. The interpretation of this modern Riviera is very interesting. This car is designed as an internal-combustion engine car, but if the Riviera did return, it will mostly run it as an EV.


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