Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo Concept Car



Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo is an incredible creation from Suzuki. This AWD and lightweight supercar are made for Gran Turismo. Suzuki is known for making incredibly fast motorcycles, and reliable cars. Many super creations of Suzuki are the Hayabusa and Cappuccino Roadster, now combining both of them a virtual roadster featuring Hayabusa’s engine is made.

What’s New?

Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo
Vision GT

For the gamers of Gran Turismo 7, the Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo isn’t an actual car instead it’s a virtual creation that can be driven in-game. Gran Turismo 7 is a gaming carnival of more than 400 virtual cars, playable on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. On every update, developer Polyphony Digital and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment just keep on adding more cars.

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Vision GT

The new update released around 2 months ago, included new cars like Suzuki Vision GT, Roadster Shop Rampage, and the 24 Hours of Le Mans-winning Toyota GR010 Hybrid 2021. The update also included new events to ‘World Circuits,’ such as the Lightweight K-Cup, Vision Gran Turismo Trophy, and Gr. 1 Prototype Series. This is a unique AWD car featuring an open two-seater layout.

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Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo
Vision GT

Using the brand’s weight reduction technology, the Vision weighs just just 2,138 virtual lbs. Equipped with the Hayabusa’s 1,340-cc inline four-cylinder engine, the car can deliver 426 hp at 9,700 RPM and 612 Nm of torque.


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