2023 Tesla Cybertruck Price, Features, Motor, Battery, Range, Top Speed, 0-60 mph


The Tesla Cybertruck, since it’s first show off by Tesla gained a worldwide attention, not because that it’s a Tesla product, but it’s a pickup truck which doesn’t seems like one. It seems like it came from the future, and just like Elon Musk who claims is an alien, the story of the creation of Cybertruck is compelling. Okay jokes apart, the pickup with it’s futuristic unibody scratch resistant and stainless metal design can gain anybody’s attention and that will be enough, but the claimed specs are even more exciting than that.

With a range of over 500 miles and a towing capacity of more than 14,000 lbs and a 1000 hp output tri motor all electric drivetrain with standard all wheel drive kills the competition, especially when it’s expected starting price of under $40,000, topped off by the Tesla’s unique approach of minimal cabin just like the rest of the lineup the new Cyber Truck is hoped to solve every truck owner’s need. Though we still don’t know the exact launch date of when it will be launched, new spy pictures came from the GigaFactory where the new Cyber Truck has seen with mirrors and a the controversial yolk steering we could expect the production would start next year. But since the global chip shortage and several other reasons, Tesla has delayed it until further date.

What’s New for 2023?

The new Tesla Cybertruck will be an all new, all electric pickup truck and will be expanding a whole new lineup of vehicles for the brand competing with the upcoming Hummer EV, Rivian R1T and the Ford F150 Lightning

Engine, Transmission, 0-60 mph, Top Speed & Performance

2023 Tesla Cybertruck
2023 Tesla Cybertruck

The upcoming Cybertruck will offer from a single motor setup upto a tri motor setup which would make over 1000 hp and more than 800 lb ft of torque with rear wheel or all wheel drive system and the top of the line model could go from 0-60 mph in under a crazy 3.0 seconds just like the Rivian R1T and is expected to achieve a top speed of 130 mph. And will come with adjustable air suspension setup and extra 16 inches of ground clearance and high approach and departure angles which would result in a comfortable ride experience and making this an ultimate off-roader which can withstand any kind of imperfections on the road and could conquer every trail. We’ll update you when the official specs sheet comes out.

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Towing & Payload Capacity

Tesla claims that the upcoming Cybertruck could tow from 7500 lbs with it’s single motor setup upto an insane 14000 lbs with it’s triple motor. And will have a payload capacity of over 3500 lbs with it’s 6.5 ft cargo bed.

Battery Capacity, Range & Charging

Although Tesla didn’t talk about the battery size of the upcoming Cybertruck, we estimate that it will carry a battery capacity of more than 100 kWh which could provide a range from 250-500 miles in a single charge depending on which model you get. And will support DC fast charging of upto 250 KW with the Tesla’s superchargers.


The Tesla Cybertruck will start at an estimated price of about $40,000 with its base single motor setup and could go upto $80k or even six figures with it’s top of the line tri motor setup. Well as of now, there hasn’t been anything official about it so we’ll wait until the launch and see how it does.

Interior & Exterior


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