Top 10 Luxurious 3 Row SUVs To Buy In 2023

The SUVs are the best and the largest approach to getting the best performance, driving, space, and passenger capacity. These bulky 7-seater SUVs offer the best of all worlds with their upscale styling and luxurious cabin inside. If the high-riding position and practicality are your priority, these full-size SUVs could blow your mind. Being hard to drive around compact roads, these cars offer a large comfortable space for your whole family. The cons of driving a big car are the high fuel costs with a lot of juice needed to move the massive body around. With the current advancements in hybrid tech, modern-day SUVs offer impressive fuel economy. Let’s take a look at the top 10 best luxury SUVs with 3rd row to buy in 2023.

10. Infiniti QX60 – $61,795


With the new Infiniti QX60, the Japanese automaker has offered a complete deal combining luxury and handsome design. The SUV offers a twin-turbocharged V6 engine that makes 295 horsepower. The QX60 comes with all the bits and quirks of an SUV that includes a great driving thrill and a superior comfortable ride. It is one of the most striking-looking and safest SUVs that you can buy right now. The attempt of blending a posh cabin fitted with almost every feature and luxury riding makes it among the top 10 best luxury SUVs with 3rd row.

08. Genesis GV80 – $71,695


2023 Genesis GV80 made the Genesis brand climb to the top of luxury-SUV wish lists with its rich outfitting. Cause, all of a sudden people stopped to ask if it’s a Hyundai, instead, they’re asking if it’s a Bentley. The confusion is forgivable given the GV80’s distinct appearance, designer interior, and luxe cabin finishes. A perky 2.5-Liter turbocharged four-pot serves as the entry-level engine. While a twin-turbo 3.5-Liter V6 boosts the performance on higher-end models. All GV80s are equipped with all-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic transmission as standard. Genesis’s model formula of mixing high-end materials with attractive interior design and contemporary tech features isn’t unique. As established players such as the BMW X5, the Mercedes-Benz GLE-class, and the Volvo XC90 have been doing this for years. Genesis’s breakthrough with the GV80 delivers a level of luxury that feels like it should cost thousands more than it does.

07. Mercedes-Benz GLS450 – $82,950


The Mercedes-Benz GLS450 is powered by a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six engine assisted with a 48-volt hybrid system generating 362 HP. GLS450 can accelerate 0 to 60 MPH in just 5.5 seconds which is incredible as compared to its huge size. All models come with standard air suspension but buyer have the option for a new system called as E-Active Body control in which the front camera scans the bumps and adjust the suspension according to bumps that’s why the driver won’t feel those road imperfections. All of that, packed inside a beautiful-looking body makes it among the top 10 best luxury SUVs to buy in 2023.

09. Audi SQ7 – $89,200


A 7-seater stunning-looking SUV with a rumbling V8 that bleeds out 500 hp is just the right amount of specs you need with the 2023 Audi SQ7. A full-size SUV that sits above the ladder from the regular Q7 and mingles around in the market of the best performance full-size SUVs. The SQ7 features a modern-looking design with its beautifully designed body with a handsomely designed spacious cabin fitted with rich and high-quality elements. This is one of the most insane SUVs in the list of 10 Best Luxury SUVs.

06. Cadillac Escalade – $92,890

The Drive

The 2023 Cadillac Escalade is the new-gen version of the Escalade which served as the brand’s flagship long enough. Its huge chassis and aggressive looks broadcast its extroverted, red-blooded American take on luxury. Despite being based on the same underpinnings as the Chevy Suburban and the GMC Yukon, the Escalade makes a solid contender as a rival to other large luxury SUVs like the Lincoln Navigator, and Mercedes-Benz GLS-class. All that is because the Caddy features the brand’s most advanced technology and most luxurious features. Its cabin is plastered with wood, leather, designer fabrics, and satin-finished metals. A large, curved display travels across the dashboard, serving as both a gauge cluster and an infotainment center. A ton of driver-assistance features are available, which includes the American Marque’s excellent Super Cruise system. This is a combination of adaptive cruise control with hands-free driving mode.

05. Lincoln Navigator 4WD – $94,220


With a sleek and stunning-looking design, the Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring looks beautiful. Unlike the massive engine, this hybrid Aviator comes with a 3.0-liter Ecoboost twin-turbocharged V6 engine. Combined with a hybrid system, it makes 500 hp and 630 lb-ft of torque. The Aviator GT offers an electric driving range of 15 miles with its 13.6 kWh battery. The Aviator features a luxurious interior with a powerful performance, making it a great car for any need.

04. Lexus LX – $102,345


The 2023 Lexus LX is Lexus’s flagship SUV, which has been revamped for 2023. These tweaks include an upgraded interior and built on a modernized platform and powered by a twin-turbocharged engine. Based on the new Toyota Land Cruiser; which, unfortunately, will not be sold in the U.S. The LX600 has some serious off-road capability but doesn’t skimp over on the luxury. The previous gen came with a gnarly V8 engine, but the new version will make that with a 409-hp twin-turbo V6. The four-wheel drive remains standard and it can even be equipped with several off-road goodies as well. Also, this includes a height-adjustable suspension system. Lexus plastered the new LX600’s interior to compete with plusher contemporaries—large luxury SUVs such as the BMW X7, the Land Rover Range Rover, and the Mercedes-Benz GLS-class.

03. BMW X7 – $104,095


The 2023 BMW X7 is a lovable, luxurious three-row SUV for an affluent family. Sadly, the cargo bay and rearmost seats aren’t as spacious as rivals like the Jeep Grand Wagoneer and Mercedes-Benz GLS-class. But the Beemer sports better-driving behavior as well as an excellent choice of engines. The choices range from a 375-hp turbo-six to a 523-hp twin-turbo V8, while the latter makes 630 hp on the highest-class, max-performing Alpina XB7. All variants have all-wheel drive and adaptive air suspension as standard providing a beautiful pillow-like ride. The 2023 X7’s interior is blissful but covered with only the highest-quality upscale materials available. Also, with modern tech such as the giant curved glass display on the dash. These features, along with the X7’s towing capability make it the biggest BMW and one of the best.

02. Jeep Grand Wagoneer L – $105,595


The 2023 Jeep Grand Wagoneer L is a full-size SUV that comes with a luxury and modern tech-carrying cabin. It has got a powerful 471 hp twin-turbocharged V8 engine under the hood which can appeal to performance-oriented buyers. Its muscular design language carries forward the approach of being a grandeur and a great off-roading companion. The Grand Wagoneer with its sturdy handling and stability offers its signature all-wheel drive system for better off-roading and agility. With an almost six-figure price tag, the Jeep Grand Wagoneer delivers the good comfort and a fun-to-drive experience, one can expect from a Jeep.

01. Land Rover Range Rover – $111,975


2023 Land Rover Range Rover is what global elites get attracted to the Range Rover. As, this doesn’t offer the SUV’s legendary off-road capability, but rather it is effortlessly elegant styling, an opulent cabin, and the A-list status that it’s developed over the years. This latest model represents the most grandeur Range Rover ever. A plethora of powertrain options; which includes a hybrid delivers ample power. Also, the British Marque’s largest SUV comports itself through traffic princely, with a buttery ride and a hushed cabin. Venturing off-road is though an option for Range Rover owners, so, AWD is standard and the air suspension raises to provide extra ground clearance. The Rover starts at just over $100,000, making it more expensive than rivals such as the Cadillac Escalade, the Jeep Grand Wagoneer, and the Mercedes-Benz GLS-class.

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