Top Execs From Lucid Motors Leave Amid Production Issues

Lucid Motors has struggled for the past few months after its brand-new Lucid Air EV launch. The issues are mostly because of the company’s slow production which left no choice for the executives. No one wants an automotive company to have production impediments even if it is an EV startup. The brand is going through a rough patch and having difficulties ramping up its production leaving the top execs to walk away. This news is not so surprising as Tesla went through these issues when it started. Lucid officials left when the company needs them the most and attention for their production ramp.



Teslarati claims 6 Lucid Motor executives have left the company during the past few weeks. Business Insider reported earlier that looked into these former Lucid officials and the struggles of the EV maker’s production ramp. These are the six former Lucid employees that left the company.

  • Keith Champion: Director of Operational Excellence 
  • David Peel: Head of New Production Introduction and Program Management
  • Mike Boike: Head of Arizona Operations 
  • Peter Hochholdinger: VP of Global Manufacturing
  • Chris Barber: Senior Manager of Logistics Engineering 
  • Ralph Jakobs: VP of Programs

These names are not very popular for most people, but looking at their titles, these top officials from Lucid Motors. These were one of the most important people that headed the most crucial tasks of the company’s production. Titles such as the Head of Arizona Operations, Head of Production, and VP of Global Marketing are the brand’s most important roles. Talking about the company’s bittersweet relationship with its employees, the top officials left with a positive note. Lucid is expected to make 20,000 EVs this year which has plunged to 6,000-7,000 EVs according to CEO/ CTO Peter Rawlinson.

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