Toyota To Co-Develop Electric SUV With Suzuki; Set For 2025 Launch

Toyota To Co-Develop Electric SUV With Suzuki Details

Toyota and Suzuki’s fruitful partnership, particularly in India, is ready to expand as they venture into the world of electric vehicles (EVs). The forthcoming Toyota electric SUV will be based on the bZ Small Crossover Concept, potentially making its debut in 2025. This move aligns with Toyota’s recent focus on EVs, developed in collaboration with Suzuki, is likely to target both domestic and international markets. Toyota aims to achieve substantial sales volumes with these compact electric vehicles in Japan, driving its EV strategy forward.

Toyota and Suzuki Partnership

Toyota To Co-Develop Electric SUV With Suzuki; Set For 2025 Launch
Gaadi Waadi

The Toyota bZ Small Crossover Concept was unveiled nearly two years ago alongside 14 other Toyota and Lexus concepts. It will play a pivotal role in the ongoing collaboration between Toyota and Suzuki. This partnership, built upon Suzuki’s expertise in small car development, has already yielded significant benefits such as economies of scale, technology sharing, and increased sales volumes in various markets. The joint efforts have resulted in rebadged models sold across India, South Africa, ASEAN markets, Europe, and more. Maruti Suzuki’s Baleno and Ertiga, for instance, are rebadged as Toyota Glanza and Rumion in India, showcasing the successful synergy between the two automakers.


In the realm of electric SUVs, Toyota and Suzuki are gearing up for an exciting partnership. The Toyota bZ Small Crossover Concept, built on the eTNGA platform with a power consumption estimate of 125 Wh per km, will take the stage in 2025. This compact EV aims to compete with the likes of the Volkswagen ID.1 and Hyundai Casper EV. Suzuki, benefitting from its collaboration with Toyota, may also enter the scene with its own version of this electric SUV. As the wheels of progress turn, the future holds promise for these eco-friendly offerings.

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