Will 2024 Ford Mustang Launch In India

Okay, The 2024 seventh generation Ford Mustang is arrived and it continues to offer its 2.3-liters Turbocharge four-cylinder EcoBoost and 5.0-liters V8 but there is something special for enthusiasts or you can say a surprise from Ford, The Dark Horse Mustang. This special edition Dark Horse is all performance focused and ready to race coupe which is going to fulfill all needs of an enthusiast. Another big change to 7th generation is all new interior with huge screen and new shades.

Ford take the first day of Detroit Auto Show to reveal seventh generation Ford Mustang. Just after reveal Mustang hit the internet and get viral within few minutes and everyone fall in love with the new generation pony. Some big changes come up with insane interior and new conventional engines under the hood. And the Manual-Transmission which was waited by everyone. It expected to get plug-in hybrid and all-wheel-drive variants, so let’s see for the further news.

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2024 Ford Mustang India Launch

There is very least chances to get 2024 Ford Mustang in India because previous 2019 Mustang is still not available here. People in India still buying brand new 2015 Ford Mustang here as company didn’t launched any updated variant after 2015 and only one one variant is available her which is 5.0-liters Naturally-Aspirated V8 GT Fastback. Not any convertible or EcoBoost ever launched. This is because of very least demand and high prices due to taxes. If anyhow Ford launch all new 2024 Ford Mustang in India then the Ex-Showroom price for this American muscle will be 80 lakhs as starting.

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Engine & Performance

Mustang is love of people from 1964 and Ford have sold over 10 Million units till the date. This time they have done some serious changes which includes electronic drift brakes and a way to remotely rev the engine. Previously you can just switch it on with a roar but this time you can rev pony by standing outside the vehicle. Not just this 2024 Mustang is completely redesign with more muscular and tech-centric interiors. Ford is continue to offer both coupe and convertible with all engine options. It has both of the previous engines 2.3-liters Turbocharge Inline 4-Cylinder EcoBoost and 5.0-liters Naturally Aspirated V-8. Along with manual transmission. The new variant is Dark Horse which is completely designed for enthusiasts and all focused to performance. Currently Ford hasn’t reveal exact performance figures.

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